House of Nightmares

Welcome to the House of Nightmares where unearthly sounds rise from the shadows and eerie melodies echo in the dead of night.

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Written and performed by Jeff Hartz (Buzz-Works) and Joseph Vargo (Nox Arcana). Produced by Joseph Vargo. Engineered by William Piotrowski.
Label: Monolith Graphics
19 tracks. 45 mins.
UPC: 884502801699
Release Date: 2010-10-01

Track List

  • 1. House Of Nightmares
  • 2. Night Closes In
  • 3. Book Of The Dead
  • 4. Darkness Rising
  • 5. Dead Time
  • 6. The Ruins
  • 7. The Forgotten Crypt
  • 8. Well Of Souls
  • 9. The Descent
  • 10. The Summoning
  • 11. Ancient Evil
  • 12. The Black Abyss
  • 13. Shadow Dwellers
  • 14. Bridge Between Worlds
  • 15. On The Prowl
  • 16. Devil's Night
  • 17. The Nether Realm
  • 18. Hallow's Eve
  • 19. Unleashed

An eerie atmosphere of lurking terror...

Welcome to the House of Nightmares where dark things dwell, lying in wait for anyone who dares to enter. In this old mansion by the cemetery unearthly sounds rise from the shadows and eerie melodies echo in the dead of night, as sinister incantations unleash ancient horrors to haunt the realm of the living. This CD delivers spine-tingling sound effects and dark cinematic music to create an eerie atmosphere of lurking terror.


House of Nightmares 5

This splendid combination yields another haunted opus for the Halloween season. House of Nightmares tells a musical story projected by the imagination, where the darkness itself serves as a canvas for dreams, fears and diabolical gratification.

House of Nightmares 5

This CD has cemented my conviction that Buzz Works is not simply Nox Arcana working under another name. The musical presence of Jeff Hartz, both in terms of playing and writing abilities, are undeniable and set both this and Zombie Influx apart from the (also awesome) style of Nox Arcana. House of Nightmares is a definite "must have" for both haunters and those who like to play scary music and effects while handing out candy on Halloween.

House of Nightmares 5

Whether you're looking for a creepy soundtrack to play on Halloween night or something to set a dark, otherworldly mood, you'll find it all under one haunted roof. House of Nightmares is dripping with sinister melodies and ominous atmosphere.

House of Nightmares 5

This is one scary CD!! The soundscapes/sound effects and music contained on the disc are all masterfully performed and are brilliant! This CD is definately a must-own for any true horror fan or Nox Arcana fan or for those who want to enhance the experience of their haunted attraction this Halloween season.