Theater of Illusion
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1. Abracadabra
2. Cobwebs
3. Nostalgia
4. Forgotten Dreams
5. Edge of Darkness
6. Phantom Theater
7. Hypnos
8. The Curtain Rises
9. The Crimson Hourglass
10. Sinister Cabaret
11. Necromancer
12. The Mask of Arcana
13. Shadowplay
14. Voodoo
15. Mysterium
16. The Swords of Kali
17. Smoke and Mirrors
18. The Prestige
19. Black Fire
20. Dark Destiny
21. Lord of Illusions
*  Sample Medley

Welcome to the Theater of Illusion, the legendary stage of magic hidden beyond the threshold of dreams and nightmares. Behold mystifying acts performed by phantom magicians and discover the dark secrets that lie in wait beyond the veil of shadows.
      Nox Arcana invites you to enter a realm of magic and dark fantasy and immerse yourself in a soundscape of haunting melodies, mystical rhythms and pulse-pounding orchestrations. The setting is an old Vaudeville theater, hidden from the outside world, where master magicians gather to display their talents every Halloween night.
      The music ranges from haunting piano and harpsichord melodies with music box chimes to dramatic orchestrations accented by gothic choirs and pipe organ to create a darkly exotic, mystical and spellbinding atmosphere.


Music composed and performed by Joseph Vargo. (21 Tracks. 67 mins.)

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