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Winter's Eve

Explore a spellbinding soundscape of haunting melodies and winter magic, an enchanted kingdom comes to life, deep in the Ebonshire forest.

Music written and performed by Joseph Vargo.
Label: Monolith Graphics. 21 tracks. 67 mins.
UPC: 884502272369. Release Date: 11-27-2009

Track List

  • 1. The Messenger
  • 2. Frozen Memories
  • 3. Magic and Moonlight
  • 4. The Rose of Winter
  • 5. Enchanted Realm
  • 6. The Ides of December
  • 7. Gifts of the Magi
  • 8. Season of Wonder
  • 9. Solstice Dance
  • 10. The White Queen
  • 11. Winter's Eve

Dreams and memories frozen in time...

As the first snow mingles with stardust and moonlight, an enchanted kingdom comes to life once again, deep in the Ebonshire forest. The White Queen of Winter returns to cast her ancient spell of slumber, and as the woodlands drift to sleep, she watches over a tranquil realm of wondrous dreams and memories frozen in time.
      The instrumentals include piano, harp, and music box melodies, accented with Gregorian chanting, pipe organs, violins, acoustic guitar, and Nox Arcana's original rendition of "Greensleeves,"
ideal for a Solstice celebration.


Winter's Eve 5

Hauntingly beautiful, evoking the alternating beauty and fury of winter, focusing on memories and magic and thus perfect for playing in full at holiday parties.

Winter's Eve 5

Moodily magnificent, Winter's Eve is all about the atmospherics. This music is positively perfect background music for a holiday event that is out-of-the-ordinary, exploring the mystical, goth side of winter.

Winter's Eve 5

You're going to be caught up in the vibe of invisible winter's spells and and wrapped in the cloak of the frost and beautiful star-dust.

Winter's Eve 5

Winter's Eve calls to mind evocations of all those wintery traditions, while the Magic of the season comes alive like first snow when the orchestrations permeate the chilled atmosphere, glowing in the black light of the moon.