Scroll of the Immortals

Sir Will Christy
Sir Darren Olsen
Lady Sarah Foster
Sir Anthony & Lady Jessica McCloud
Sir Aaron Buck
Sir Carsten Blackmon
Lady Maria Giovanna Bassi
Sir Raymond Pang
Sir Bryan Welton
Lady Vane-Ing Tian
Sir Justin Summerhill
Sir Danny Suijkerbuijk
Sir Matthew Penner

Sir Adam Tsiolas
Sir Ludovico Ciuffa
Lady Elizabeth Sanford
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Lady Sarah McSweeney
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Lady Samantha Di Girolamo
Sir Connor Brewer
Lady Dae Colvin
Sir Michael Schardt
Sir David St-Hilaire

Will Christy, a 46-year-old fencing instructor from Thornton, Colorado was the first to gain immortality by solving the quest to find the fabled Treasure of the Four Crowns. When he purchased Nox Arcana's Blood of the Dragon music CD from Isis Bookstore in Denver, he had no idea that the disc held an actual treasure quest. A lover of puzzles and codes, Will first became intrigued by the cryptic symbols that were strewn throughout the cd booklet and disc itself. "I noticed that there was more than one style of coded lettering, so I began to dig a little deeper into the story of the quest."
       After listening to the disc and taking all factors into consideration, he made an enlightening discovery that led him to find the hidden Sigil of the Four Crowns, the cryptic key that enables mortals to translate the languages of the ancient kings.
       Christy, who became a fan of Nox Arcana's music after purchasing their Necronomicon cd, states that his favorite track on Blood of the Dragon is, appropriately, "The Quest Begins."
       Without giving away any answers, Will reveals that the most difficult part of the quest was discovering the Sigil, and the coolest part was unlocking the final puzzle. "Every part of it was very clever and extremely well done. It came at a perfect time for me. It was a great distraction and as I got more and more involved with all the aspects of decoding the riddles, it really took my mind off of everything else. I had a great time with it."
       As his reward, Sir William Christy's name is etched into the Anvil of Time, hidden away inside a secret lair, awaiting the mortal eyes of any other worthy adventurers who might solve the mysteries of the Four Crowns.