This is what really matters! It's one thing to get good press, but what really matters is what the people who actually buy our cds have to say... Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to email us!


Your music is hypnotizing. Vocals are poetry. I've read your books and amazing. Played your game too which is brilliant. Hope mote books are in the future please.  I love listening to music when I sleep, relax and visualize the story behind each CD. So unique, different. I see you making a movie and it becomes a hit. Your creativity, uniqueness, and amazing talents in all it would be wonderful, and your art work breathe taking. Please keep giving us more.
Tonya H. - Oct 23, 2022

I love all your CD's , but Necronomicon is very special to me. I love the sound of your voice talking about the old gods. It sends thrilling tingles all through me, honestly it does. I love the artwork and the unique, otherworldly music.    The  music is soothing, exciting and brings haunting yet fascinating pictures into my mind. You are so exceptionally good at making music that a person can translate into visual images.  You are someone I admire very much for your many talents and gifts. You are a very special person and your music brings me a lot of enjoyment.  Thank you.
Eve J.—June 29, 2020

Hello. I just got  The Haunted Symphony and I love it. I love them all yet this one has this haunting, soothing, thrilling quality to it that I just love. You are such a great talent. I love the music and the artwork and the puzzles even if I can't always figure out the puzzles. You are a genius.  
Eve J.—June 21, 2020

This was my first Nox Arcana purchase and I really loved it.  Great music very well done. Can't wait to try more.
Michelle— Jan 24, 2020

I have listened to your work of art for a long time, the darkness that your music conveys, your ideas are truly beautiful and devoid of similarity, I am afraid that only you perform such a dark, ancient and magnificent Symphony of darkness. and so far you're doing it, it's really beautiful, and I'm writing from the bottom of my heart to support you. Please continue to please us with this eternal darkness.
Yaroslav—Jan 13, 2020

Just listened to the new album and I wanted to take a moment and say how amazing it is! I absolutely love it!
Diane P.—Sept 19, 2019

Mr. Vargo and Nox Arcana have done it again. I Truly enjoy listening to his newest release, The Haunted Symphony. It is Outstandingly Bewitching. The music brings out the "Dark Side" of me. So relaxing. Please keep me posted to any more Wonderful music releases in the future. I have all of the CDs and await more. I am a big and old fan and I can't get enough of the music. Thanks to All.
George D.—Sept 22, 2019

I have a lot of nox arcana cd's, and they are absolutely my favorites, they fulfil my darkest desires, i can listen to it non stop 24/7 365 I'm gothic 4 ever, and this will fit right up my alley forever.
Brian R.—Sept 2, 2019

Nox Arcana is completely awesome. This is what I wanted from classical music. Classical music can be very dark too, but they usually interject a bunch of happy music or operatic singing in between all the dark stuff. With Nox, it's just darkness, all the time, and that is why I love it sooooo much. Is there a new full length album being planned. I just bought the cabinet of Dr. Arcana, and it's great, but I will forever crave more. Keep up the excellent work.
Brain—March 13, 2019

Thank you so much for creating and releasing the Cabinets of Doctor Arcana! My wife and I are both fans of Nox Arcana, and also fans of "point and click" games. We are loving Doctor Arcana and we dearly hope that you will consider releasing further games based on Nox Arcana's existing albums!
John R.—Dec 25, 2018

Dearest Joseph,
        I am writing to voice some of the thoughts I had the other day, and I hope it won’t seem too weird or something. You are a genius. Not unlike those who created in days of old. That music of yours! Boy, is it fantabulous! I hear the impossible in its every accord, I see a soul in it. There is no other musician like you today; all the others, they are so not real, what they play is not that tangible. Their music is merely music, now good, now a travesty of beauty, but yours—yours is not only music. It is poetry. It is art. It is something else. I trust every single tune Nox Arcana makes. What you do, you do impeccably well. You feel the motifs you are implying, and the images, the notions you depict are not fake. Listening to these melodies, I know you have been there—in that dark, and beauteous, and melancholic, and surreal realm you yours; and I understand that there is no better way to express what they suggest.
        Again, you are a genius. A philosopher. An aesthete. Not some phony who would presume to be all of that, and yet would be so... modern. You, Joseph, do not bear that ugly impress of falsity, you are a passéist, true to his art and to his self. There are few, if any, left who would have even a vague semblance to what you seem to me, through your artwork and your music alike.
Leonid M.—Jul 3, 2018

Nox Arcana is completely awesome. This is what I wanted from classical music. Classical music can be very dark too, but they usually interject a bunch of happy music or operatic singing in between all the dark stuff. With Nox Arcana, it's just darkness, all the time, and that is why I love it sooooo much. Is there a new full length album being planned. I just bought The Cabinets of Doctor Arcana soundtrack, and it's great, but I will forever crave more. Keep up the excellent work.
Brian—March 13, 2019

Definitely Grimm Tales become my favourite album and music. It makes me think of Halloween and I'm a fan of it. Really amazing work, to my eyes and ears, you become the best music artist. I would like music like that to play on the radio that's for the only reason I would put it on. You got me with this album so, thanks again.
Carl—December 31, 2018

From the bottom of my heart i want to thank you guys for doing your awesome music. It has helped me through some tough times and has filled me in the good times too, I even listen while i'm reading a book. It is awesome how much you can say with just melodies. Keep it like this, I'm a seriously a big fan. I even have you on my top 5 artist list on Spotify, and I had heard 69k minutes of music. Thank You For All. Regards from Yucatán, México.
Mérida—December 7, 2018

Your music is amazing tremendous. Regards from Rosario, Argentina. Yours faithfully, DW.
Daniel Wetzel—November 20, 2018

Very great and musical arrangement, one of the very best I have heard. Gothic and very Touching and heartfeld arrangement. Thanks for this music.
Russ Whiting—October 21, 2018

Dearest Joseph, I am writing to voice some of the thoughts I had the other day, and I hope it won’t seem too weird or something. You are a genius. Not unlike those who created in days of old. That music of yours! Boy, is it fantabulous! I hear the impossible in its every accord, I see a soul in it. There is no other musician like you today; all the others, they are so not real, what they play is not that tangible. Their music is merely music, now good, now a travesty of beauty, but yours—yours is not only music, it is poetry. It is art. It is something else. I trust every single tune Nox Arcana makes. What you do, you do impeccably well. You feel the motifs you are implying, and the images, the notions you depict are not fake. Listening to these melodies, I know you have been there—in that dark, and beauteous, and melancholic, and surreal realm you yours; and I understand that there is no better way to express what they suggest.
       Again, you are a genius. A philosopher. An aesthete. Not some phony who would presume to be all of that, and yet would be so... modern. You, Joseph, do not bear that ugly impress of falsity, you are a passéist, true to his art and to his self. There are few, if any, left who would have even a vague semblance to what you seem to me, through your artwork and your music alike.
Leonid Marinin—Jul 3, 2018

I've probably listened to Nox Arcana's Transylvania album a dozen times since I've received it.  I read Bram Stoker's novel Dracula.  Then, when I re-listened to your Transylvania album, I pictured many scenes from the novel. 
       "Transylvania Overture" is probably one of my favorite tracks.  I always feel a chill every time I hear the choir part chanting—songs rarely do that to me anymore.  "The Voyage" sets the tone for the album—the harp, organ, choir and drums are all incredibly brilliant.  "Gossamer Mist" gives the impression of a forthcoming evil—I actually picture the white mist that Dracula can become in Stoker's novel.  "The Black Coach" always invokes the scenes from the novel where the coach is heading up to Castle Dracula.  "Sentinels of Stone" actually reminds me of the living Gargoyles from your Dark Tower series.  The brick grinding sound is really great during this track.  "Into the Shadows" is one of my other favorites from this album.  The chamber and choir are very haunting.  "Castle Dracula" is probably my most favorite track—the organ, choir and bells create a mesmerizing song.  And like "Transylvania Overture", I get the same chill.  "Visitors in the Night" reminds me immediately of Dracula's brides—the voices are incredibly hypnotizing.  "Brides to Darkness" is definitely one of the more mournful tracks on this album.  The choir parts are very beautiful.  I'm sometimes able to loop this track for 7 or 9 times while working.  I really liked the harpsichord in "Grande Masquerade".  "Memento Mori" is another one of my favorites; I love the chimes.  When I listen to "The Howling" I actually think of the wolf from the novel that Dracula freed from the zoo.  "Nocturne"... Well, I said "Castle Dracula" was my favorite, but I think this one is equally as good.  The piano and bells are wonderful; this song is also really inspiring, especially for writing.  "Bats in the Belfry" actually reminds me of that one story from the Dark Tower where the Baron has the marauder tied to the bell with all of the bats.  The bells and choir in "Gothic Sanctum" evoke images of a cathedral or abbey. "Gypsy Caravan" reminds me of the scene with the gypsies from Stoker's novel.  The poem in "From Dusk Till Dawn" was really enjoyable too.  "Night of the Wolf" is another one of my favorite songs—I can see why it's one of your most popular ones.  "Echos from the Crypt" reminds me of a winding stairwell leading down farther and farther into a mausoleum.  This may sound funny, but "Shadow Hunters" actually reminds me of Mr. Dark from Ray Bradbury's novel "Something Wicked This Way Comes".  The strings, chamber, and choir give an exceedingly formidable vibe.  I'd have to say this one is also up there with "Transylvania Overture" and "Castle Dracula".  And lastly, "Lair of the Vampire"—this is a really epic song.  And the chanting at the end is really catchy, similar to the chanting in "Darklore Manor". In conclusion, I really like this album and it is probably one of my favorites (Along with Dark Tower, Darklore Manor, and Shadow of the Raven.)
       I wasn't always the biggest fan of vampires, but last year, after reading the Dark Tower books and volunteering at a vampire-themed haunted attraction, the subject and genre has really grown on me.  I think I've become obsessed with them now.
Benjamin F—March 31, 2018

I just got Season Of The Witch and I love it. What enchanting music and vocals. I love the witch talking, too. I love the puzzles, too. You are the greatest, Nox Arcana. I love all your CDs and as I expected, this one is just as wonderful as the others. It's amazing how every time, you come up with something new and chilling and thrilling and fun. In these awful times, a person needs something to take them away from it all and this CD does it for me. I enjoy it very much. Love the beautiful artwork, too.
Eve J. - October 15, 2017

I just love  your art and music. It speaks to something deep inside of me.  I've always been odd/different. I used to see "spirits" when I was very young and I scared relatives describing them to them. I've loved vampires, witches, ghosts and werewolves in film all my life. Your music is so enchanting and mesmerizing.  It's somehow soothing to me as well. I just got Gothic and I love every song. It's amazing how artistic and creative you are. You come up with fantastic CD after fantastic CD and they're all fabulous and all different.  I love Transylvania, Phantoms of the High Seas, Necronomicon, Grimm Tales and Carnival of Lost Souls especially though I truly do enjoy all your CD's. I just got one of your books to read. I love scary stories.  I know I'm going to enjoy yours especially. Thank you for the enormous pleasure your music brings to me and for the exciting chills and thrills your music makes me feel as well.  
Eve J. - September 30, 2017

Hello Joseph Vargo. I absolutely love the music you create with Nox Arcana. I'm also looking forward to the upcoming new album Season Of The Witch.  Thank you for the music and merchandise you create as well as all the contributions to the gothic community.  Keep up the awesome work with Monolith Graphics.
Brandon - July 25, 2017

Your music is absolutely amazing! It reminds me of a fantasy/horror video game soundtrack. Keep up the good work! Lauren - September 8, 2017

I would like to greet you I am from Chile, many years and I listened to music of the environment of underground metal today I am simply surprised enough that for many years I was looking to hear something like what you produce and it is very ignorant to tell you that today for the first time I think I listen to you and I am Very grateful to have found his music, is what I always wanted to listen, simply fantastic, although my tastes are very deep in musical themes death metal and classical music I believe that you surpass the limits in creation and approach the great eminences of the Musica docta clasica, just to express my total amazement and apologize for ignorance and ignorance of this great masterpiece they perform, I love the sound that the piano produces is really hypnotizing. From today follower of this great great music, I retired a few months ago from social networks, I hope at some point to access some of his albums. Best regards.
Javiera Elinor - July 19, 2017

Greetings, Mr. Vargo! The package containing your books and two Nox Arcana t-shirts arrived, and so we wanted to thank you for the fast shipping! My wife and I are very much looking forward to reading your books! Also... We just downloaded volume 4 of "Ebonshire" from Amazon this morning! We're been enjoying your holiday music every year, and today we burned all four "Ebonshire" EPs onto a single CD. Thank you again for creating such wonderful music! As we mentioned previously, we have every Nox Arcana album in our collection, and we enjoy them all throughout the year. But your beautiful "Winter" trilogy and the lovely "Ebonshire" EPs have become our preferred music for the holiday season. Thanks again! Our best wishes to you and yours for a joyful Yule season! Your most enthusiastic fans,
Bob & Shawn - Dec 4, 2016

Hail Vargo & Nox Arcana! Thank you so much for the extras with my order!  I love your artwork and music!!, and have used both in my ritual chamber for years.  You both are truly gifted in the arts. Ave Satanas!
Kris - Nov 4, 2016

Hello Nox Arcana. Your music is great, and not simply because of its themes or its moods. Those are great too of course, but what satisfies me more than anything else, are the shivers you give me every time I listen to your composition...You are great. Keep your work up. Greetings from Italy.
Ferdinando - Oct 28, 2016

I love your music. It's dark, gothic, yet soothing. I write poetry while listening to your music and it helps. Also I meditate and sleep to it. It matches my gothic soul and hope you continue to make more. Your music has been an inspiration for me to try to write short gothic and horror stories and wanting to become a poet focusing on gothic and horror. It's relaxing and intense at the same time. Please keep going.
Tonya - Oct 24, 2016

Hello! I've been a fan of Nox Arcana for a long time. The music is perfect in every way and it's very unique. The themes are amazing and I'm so happy I found it. Recently, I was able to purchase The Gothic Tarot and Madame Endora's deck (the art is phenomenal in this oracle!) as well as Joseph Vargo's artwork and a book by him as well. I'm so pleased with it all and eternally grateful. Nox Arcana is the music I know I'll never 'grow out' of. I did a painting inspired by Joseph Vargo's artwork, and someday I hope to give it to you. Because of Nox Arcana, I've gotten more into spirituality, gothic culture, and I've even chosen to take a Latin class in my first year of high school. As someone who's into psychic and tarot readings, the music has helped with that tremendously. Especially the tarot and oracle decks. The artwork is beautiful and the energy of the cards is fantastic. My friend who's into spirituality as well is also fascinated by Nox Arcana and we both love "Night of the Wolf" especially, which I happen to be listening to as I write this. Everything about the artwork and music is all so otherworldly and different, the best I've ever seen. I just wanted to let you know how great you are. Please keep making amazing music and artwork!
A.H. - Sept 10, 2016

Just discovered this magical music tonight thanks to a friend. It's like someone looked into my Halloween, horror, creepy-loving life and put music to it. It takes me to such delicious, dark places and I want to wrap myself in it like my favorite cloak. I can never thank you enough for this absolutely amazing music!
Brenda - May 14, 2016

I am impressed and greatly inspired by your music. This sound is mega awesome and thank you for your style of the Brothers Grimm. Sincerely, your faithful fan.
Agnieszka - May 10, 2016

Loved my order! I received my order and was so excited to see all the cool goodies I got!  I wanted to thank you for sending some extra cool goodies as well!  I've been really enjoying the music and the artwork.  Thanks so much!
Tamara - Nov 18, 2015

I received the newest CD  in time for Hallows Eve as promised and love it but I was delighted to find three "postcards" of Joseph 's artwork included.  I bought a frame for my favorite and have it now where I can see it..the dark angel kneeling in a graveyard. ..his work touches me greatly...will be ordering more soon. Blessed be,
Jacki - Nov 9, 2015

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! I've bought all your albums and I must say that Joseph does a superb job at the music he composes. I love Nox Arcana! I was so happy when I saw that a new album was coming out! I just wanted to quickly say that in the album Gothic, my favorite songs are Ashes to Ashes, Forgotten By Time, The Portrait Gallery, Familiar Haunts... Let's face it, the whole album is AWESOME!! Especially Rise of the Ancestors. Keep Creating :).......please?
Carlos - October 16, 2015

Carnival of Lost Souls—I love it! You did it again! I just got this CD and I love it just as I love Transylvania, Grimm Tales and Phantoms on the High Seas. How do you do it over and over again? I still have two more CD's to listen to Darklore Manor and Blackthorn Asylum, but I have to play this one a few more times first. How neat to put the great rock number at the end ("Spellbound"). I simply love it. I've got to get the rest of your CD's.  I love them all.
Eve - Aug 29, 2015

I just found out about Nox Arcana. I have always been fascinated with vampires, werewolves, ghosts and haunted houses. I just wanted to say how fantastic your music is. I just got my first two CDs, Transylvania and Grimm Tales. I'm going to buy more soon. I love the music. I love the fabulous background vocalists. The music is soothing yet chilling. It's exciting and thrilling. It's beautiful and out of this world. It calls to something deep inside of me. I love Nox Arcana. Keep making these great CDs.
      What first attracted me to Nox Arcana were the album covers. I love them!   What a creative genius Vargo is! These pictures are fascinating, chilling, fantastic and beautiful. Then there's the music. It takes you to another place and time. Bravo, Nox Arcana! I bought 2 CDs and now I'm hooked. I love this kind of music. I love the haunting yet soothing quality of the songs. I love my Transylvania CD. I've got to buy more!
Eve - Aug 22, 2015

I have always loved your work! My heart drowns in the blood of Nox Arcana! I drink, live and breathe Nox Arcana. I have used your music to help me write scripts, poems, stories and all kinds. I hope you guys continue to make music!
Andrew - July 7, 2015

I came across Joseph through his artwork and a previous project, so I was thrilled when heard about Nox Arcana. It is more than music, it is a journey into beautiful darkness for me.  It inspires me and speaks to me. It would be awesome and an honor to one day meet Nox Arcana.  Dark Blessings Eternally.
Angel - Feb 1, 2015

You are amazing and all of your work from the composition, the art, the story telling and let's not forget the musical talent! One of a kind sound that no other group can match! Beautiful, haunting and powerful music! I love the website also and all of the unique stuff that you have for purchase. Keep up the good work. Fan for life here! I hope someday you create some Nox Arcana vinyl records for purchase!
Tom Trocc, Jan 18, 2015

From first viewing of artwork to first listen, I was drawn in to this dark, sinister, seductive world. I still have and cherish my signed Joseph Vargo photos well as my cds. With each song, I can visualize what is going on. It is also therapeutic.   Thank you for the gifts of art and music.  Dark Blessings.
Angel, Jan 15, 2015

I'm am a HUGE fan of Nox Arcana! I've read The Dark Tower book, and I love this music of yours. Your new Ebonshire albums are amazing as well. Anyway, just thought I would tell you about my experience with your music. Definently 5 stars! (that's only because ratings are usually only limited to a lousy five stars, but if I could I would give you so many stars, the night sky would be jealous). Anyway, keep composing guys! You guys are so awesome!!!
Carlos Parsons, Dec 22, 2014

Just wanted to say that I absolutely admire your work! You are indeed an artist in every sense of the word! Yesterday I ordered your album Legion of Shadows. I have also been introducing your work to my friends and family who are also new fans of your's now! Keep up the awesome work, you are a huge inspiration to me!
Rayford, Dec 8, 2014

I am such a  huge fan of your music; it is so captivating, so inspiring. Whenever I write horror story, I play one of your compositions. I just don't have enough words to express myself fully. Thank you for composing this great art, I hope you will continue your work as long as you are alive. And I hope you will be alive forever.
Aleksandar, Dec 7, 2014

Wonderfully created music! I don't want to stop hearing about awesome deals to awesome music! I just want to say that I love this season because it gives me a reason to play Legion of Shadows or any Nox Arcana CD I have nice and loud. Great music and I am extremely anxious to hear other masterpieces from the Amazing Nox Arcana! 
Carlos Parsons, Oct 1, 2014

Just this evening I came across your music for the first time, checking out different versions of "Scarborough Fair." Amazing music! It's not at all my scene, but I LOVE the music! Thanks for being you and creating these wonderful songs and melodies. Much Love and Blessings.
Annemieke, Sept 26, 2014

Your music ★♪♡∞  I just wanted to let you know that I really love your music. It's beauitful and most songs just touch me in a certain way. A good way. I just discovered your site. I'm a fan, of course. Thank you for sharing your music on youtube. My next move is to purchase some shirts. Gd night )O(
Chauntele Rice, Aug 2, 2014

You guys are totally amazing. You have inspired me so much while writing my first dark stories book. I am totally speechless to describe my happiness when I've discovered your marvelous music. I wish you all the best.
Muaath, June 5, 2014

Forever Timeless. I discovered your music when I was 12. Six years later, I still listen to you. Thank you for the wonderful years of drawing me into your mystic worlds of magic and curses! Music that we like in middle school doesn't always age with us, but your music is enjoyed by all ages, and with beautiful stories. I think Nox Arcana is a band that will always stay with me :)
Cristelle, May 14, 2014

I am eternally grateful to @sethanikeem and @NoxArcana for creating Blood of Angels. It has changed my life in many positive ways.
Luke Fisher, Apr 7, 2014

Perfect Reading Music. You guys are absolutely amazing when it comes to creating a dark, dreary atmosphere. I picked up your album Necronomicon on a whim and began reading "At The Mountains of Madness" while I listened to the record. I have got to tell you, nothing comes close to properly conveying the air of Lovecraft's stories like your work. Now I listen to you guys all the time and my days are always filled with your gothic harmonies. Much love and respect.
Sawyer Greve, Mar 11, 2014

"Pax Terra" is one of the most moving pieces of music that I have ever heard! Yes it is kind of a dark and foreboding piece but, it is also strangely uplifting and peaceful, as well. Although, I do not understand a word of Latin, this piece is so powerfully moving spiritually that I just had to have it. I had to have this so much so that although, I have NEVER attempted in my 59 years of life to pay for and download a piece of music from the internet that I downloaded you work for Amazon. Until this I heard this piece on youtube I had never even heard of Nox Arcana. I don't know what moved you all to provide us with such beauty, but I can only hope that somewhere in your creative spirits you can find such magical inspiration again during your musical careers.
William Henry, Feb 25, 2014

We want to thank you for all the fantastic music that keeps us inspired. Your imagination and effort you put into making this magical music full of history and amazing concepts (including the lyrics) makes us want to listen to more and more throughout the time. We also want to praise the astonishing fantasy art done by Joseph Vargo.
Hugs! Jessica and Silvana, Jan 28, 2014

I've been listening to Nox Arcana not long ago, but I've definitely found a source of inspiration and life in your beautiful music and the lyrics are really strong and full of meaning. I want you to continue to do this amazing thing that awakens surprising feelings. So far, I think that Darklore Manor, House Of Nightmares and Necronomicon are the best albums, but it really is difficult to choose amongst these beauties! Thanks a lot for this.
Kisses and best wishes, JB, Jan 28, 2014

The best music of gothic horror that I hear. It's great to de-stress from the problems, I can safely relax and great fantasy stories. I'm really happy and I hope to see you someday.
Cheers :-) /Katarzyna Wilk from Poland, Jan 8, 2014

I just now listened to Legion of Shadows and I literally lost my mind from how overwhelmingly beautiful it was. It's your best work yet, maestro. I could literally feel the music coursing through my veins and entering my heart.
Love, Adrienne, Oct 31, 2013

In your music I can feel my childhood imagination. Thanks. :)
Nika, Oct 22, 2013

I like your new CD Legion of Shadows. Great music.
Anthony Douglas, Oct 17, 2013

Over the years I have purchased 12 Nox Arcana CDs. I love everyone of them and find each one of them unique. They are fantastic and I always look forward to buying the new releases. When listening to them to can visualize the scenery and can easily get caught up in the emotion and feeling of the music. I love them and recommend them to anyone who love the dark and mysterious side.
Dave Buehner, Oct 9, 2013

Hello, I just wanted to drop a line and let you guys know I much I enjoy your music. Great talented folks.. please keep your haunting music coming for the scary years ahead!!
Yours truly, Anthony Cashmere, Sept 17, 2013

Since the very first time I listened to your music I knew that I was in love. I studied English literature and right now I am working with J.S. LeFanu's tales. Whenever I read about the evil Irish fairies and Carmilla I listen to your music. I'm a huge fan of audiobooks too, and my dream is to record Carmilla with your music in the background, that would be just so... Amazing. Moreover, with your music I could write one of my better short tales. Thanks... for everything. You have a faithful follower in Mexico. Your music awakes the most pleasant shadows in my heart and my soul.
Laura Salas, August 22, 2013

Hello, I just wanted to say how much Nox Arcana means to me. I discovered the music when I was much younger and have been in love with it ever since. Every song has such depth and evokes such emotion..Nox Arcana is a truly a gift to the world. Joseph and William, you are both very talented men and I have bought your work time and time again, with no intention of stopping. My children will be raised listening to Nox Arcana just as I have been and I cannot thank you enough for the effort and passion put into your work.
Forever yours, Rachel, April 3, 2013

I am a drama director for a small high school in Vermont. We are doing a one act performance of Macbeth and my students just love your music. The kids use a little of "Highland Storm" for their battle scene; "Stygian Depths" for the Witches and "Mist Loch" for Lady Macbeth's sleep walking scene. I am so thrilled to see how your music inspired my young actors!
Tracey Wesley Mar 6, 2013

Hi there! I'm a huge fan of your music and absolutely adore the piano book you guys have put out. I'm always using it! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next, and I will continue to enjoy your music for as long as you guys are still putting it out. Keep being awesome!
Sincerely, Carissa H., Feb 28, 2013

Firstly, thank you eternally for the music that you create. I listen to it year-round, rarely without breaks, especially in my car to and from work. All the themes are unique and special, and so it was as I was listening to Winter's Eve on the way home on this beautiful moonlit night. Each genre of music you do always embodies it perfectly, and works in so many ways. I also hope for another fantasy themed album in the vein of Blood of the Dragon. It is always a favorite for the D&D campaigns my wife and I run, to play your music for many types of situations. May Nox Arcana live forever, and may your albums always be rewarding and fulfilling for you to create. Your respectful and devoted fan from the moment he first bought Darklore Manor at the local Spirit Halloween store...
Brent Spotswood, Feb 26, 2013

Hello Joseph Vargo. You have absolutely no idea how much I admire your work ever since I was 15 years old. Whenever I am about to draw something new, I do it while listening to your magnificent music, which by the way gives me goose bumps whenever listen to it. I have always been fond of your music and the fact that you illustrate your own music cover is even more amazing.
Bekir Can Guven, from Turkey, Feb 24, 2013

Hi I just wanted to take a moment to say how much I love your music. I have been a fan of both the music and Joseph Vargo's artwork since about seventh grade (I am now in my second year of college). You guys never fail to impress me, and the new album is...I don't even know if words can describe how much I love it. It has not left my cars' CD player since I got it. I cannot wait to see what Nox Arcana and Joseph Vargo has to offer in the future.
Blessed Be, Catherine P., Jan 20, 2013

Hello, I would like to say I love your work and I have tried to make some of my own music with a similar style. I can already say that you guys are way better and more talented. What I like the most about your music is how it can tell a story even without vocals. Thank you for sharing your music with the world and keep it up!
Eastederd Baal , Dec 12, 2012

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for yet another great album! I bought it almost as soon as it was up on Google Play. You know, other musicians end up making boring or annoying music after a few good albums. You lot just keep making awesome stuff, no matter what. Keep it up. ;)
Cheers, Harry Brennan, Dec 3, 2012

Hello Joseph and William, I just wanted to say that I love, love, love all your music! But my favorite are the Winter themed CDs. Winter's Knight and Winter's Eve are just magical! I can't wait for the new one,
Uncle Kiwi, Oct 7, 2012

Dear Nox Arcana, The music that you are composing is fantastic, horrifying and has that creepy nice touch. Especially the organ songs; I love the organ sounds in your music. Thanks for all the good music you guys make and keep on!
Toby, September 30, 2012

I just want to say thank you. Your music is very different and imaginative. It takes me back to medieval times or the 17th century. I discovered your music in 2005 at a local Halloween shop. It was also my first exposure to this genre of music. The CD in question was Transylvania. I was so blown away by it. Been a fan ever since. The music is very inspirational and I often listen to it why doing homework or writing a book. Thank you and I hope you guys keep up the great work.
Megan Lettington, Sept 23, 2012

Dear Nox Arcana, Since discovering your music, I am hooked! I think your music and artwork are fantastic, capturing the moods and atmospheres spot on! I am working my way through your discography now having bought 8 already. I wondered if you'd consider a CD based on Horror of the Mummy's Tomb or even a Witch Trial in future?
All the best.
Andy, September 14, 2012

I am a huge fan. I started listening to Nox Arcana because of a youtube link on a writing website I go on frequently, and was first introduced to The Raven. I have always been interested in the darker side. I find the music and artwork beautiful and emotional, and impressive when the inspiration can range to be something as small as a fleeting shadow in a flickering candle, or to something as big as a howl in the middle of the night at the center of a terrifyingly dark forest. I also have to comment on the artwork of Joseph Vargo! Beautiful detail and just amazing art in general! Absolutely brilliantly done. Once again, amazing music, equally incredible artwork! I admire Nox Arcana very much. Thank you, and good luck with everything!
Rebecca Katashi, May 4, 2012

Dear Nox Arcana, I am a big fan of your works and consider you my favorite dark ambient music artist.
Peter Schneider, April 29, 2012

Good day to you Joseph and William,
Wow, where can I even begin? I suppose a few good words would be "phantasmagorical, " "inspiring, " "haunting, " and "beautiful." Those are the four words I'd pick if asked to describe the music of Nox Arcana, but even those words do not do it justice. As a writer, I have found each and every single one of your albums an inspiration. I don't just listen to the music during Halloween or Yule; your music creates a soundtrack for every day of the year. Phantoms of the High Seas and Blood of the Dragon have been the ultimate inspiration for two unpublished collections of stories that I have written — the story lines of these collections were drawn from your music and the titles of your songs. Winter's Knight was the inspiration for an unpublished novella in the same vein. When I hear the opening of any Nox Arcana album and the beautiful voice that sets up the stage for a tale to be told, a shiver goes up my spine; this happens with the song "Pax Terra" in particular. There is something about that song that creates an entire vision before my very eyes. My Christmas cards that I send to family and friends are adorned with Joseph's beautiful Winter's Eve and Winter's Knight artwork. I have the autographed book of Joseph's paintings on my desk, and The Gothic Tarot deck and companion. Needless to say, I have been captivated and enthralled by everything in the Nox Arcana world. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful music and art you have given us. I hope that you will continue to create these masterful symphonies for many years to come.
Blessed be, Dante

Joseph, you are truly, amazingly talented. I have listened to every vivid and breathtaking album you've created. You have really inspired me in this New Age Gothic genre of music. Best wishes, and keep up the artwork and dark worlds of shadow tales because it's an amazing phenomena. 
Bless you monsieur,
Jon Brooks, April 12, 2012

I just ordered all your cds. I see the beauty of what you are doing with your music. It speaks to me. Great music. Please keep it up. 
David Bissett, March 23, 2012

Hello, just thought I'd let you know I love the music.
Kim Mac, March 18, 2012

I decided to write my own tidbit in the praise section of the site. I’m not musically educated as most seem to be. Though I love the instrumentals of your music. It’s Amazing. It’s calming, dark and takes me to another time when listening to it. I first discovered Nox Arcana in 2005. The Transylvania CD caught my eye so I bought it. Listened to it and loved it. Been a fan of your music ever since. I love the beautiful haunting quality about it all.
Megan Lettington, March 10, 2012

Hello, I would like to let you know, that your music has been inspiration to myself. It's helped me with the artwork I've made. And it's relaxing in many ways. So, I'm just thanking you for the great and amazing work you've done for many to hear. I get much joy and hope to hear more. Creepy, but beautiful.
Love, Skyler Jensen, Mar 7, 2012

All your cds rock and my favorite is Blackthorn Asylum. Its so creepy and awesome!
Larry Kalk, Canada, Feb 29, 2012

I am totally delighted. After a year of searching, I now realize how easy it is to have acces to a fantastic artist. I have enjoyed Nox Arcana for years and Joseph's Gothic Tarot deck is superb. I collect as well as consult. This is a favorite.
Blessed Be,
Jacki Gaddie, Jan 12, 2012

I find myself at a loss of words, After obtaining the newest masterpiece from Nox Arcana, The Dark Tower. I must thank you all very much for adding such an amazing album to the unearthly collection of haunting and gothic music I have grown to cherish for nearly a decade. The Dark Tower will not be leaving my cd player for a VERY long time. Thank you very much!
Todd Carpenter, Nov 23, 2011

I am an absolute admirer of your work. It is the quintessential Halloween "special event" music, and no one gets people more in the mood than you geniuses!
Keep up the incredible work!Sincerely,
Thomas G, Nov 10, 2011

You guys are the best man. Just totally awesome. No music producer or maker is as cool as you guys. It's like every track on your cd tells a story when the fan listens to it! My favorite is Blackthorn Asylum. Man that's awesome. Just love every track on it, but my favs are "Dementia 13", "Frenzy" and the electroshock clip including the voice telling us about the patients in the mental asylum. Blackthorn Asylum is just perfect for Halloween, and I really hope you guys have a good one!
Bekki, Oct 29, 2011

Hello Joseph,
Last night I was finally able to give your new "Dark Tower" album the time and attention that it deserves.
Where to begin? How about... Incredible!
     I am usually drawn to one or two tracks on all of your albums and on this one "Undying Love" and "King of Fools" are the two that demand my attention, but the entire album from start to finish is just wonderful. Your talent as both a composer and an arranger is truly showcased here.  The complexity level at which the instruments and vocals are layered is simply amazing to me.
      Arthur C. Clarke once said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, " and last night as I listened to your work on "The Dark Tower", this phrase kept creeping into my mind. With many musicians your senses know that the artist is using sampling and electronics in place of the actual instrument. This is something I have never experienced while listening to any of your compositions. I never get the sense of hearing a sample or a patch that I have heard somewhere else. Your sound is truly unique to you.
      When I listen to tracks like "Crimson Thirst", "Vesper Tolls" or "The Dark Tower" the image I see in my mind is not that of a single musician in a studio surrounded by a wall of electronics, rather, I see a living landscape. I see an abandoned Monastery. I see a moonlit landscape. When I hear your pipe organ playing, I see a Gothic Cathedral with a full pipe organ at one end—In other words, I don’t see the performer, I see the story.
      I can only imagine how much time and effort it must have taken for you to create this album, but please realize that your musical talent and abilities are truly appreciated. You are as close to the definition of a "Renaissance Man" as any person I have ever encountered. Thanks for doing what you do.Sincerely,
Jeff, Oct 14, 2011

I love the music that you guys make! I use it so much when I run my Ravenloft campaigns, the music fits perfectly with the Gothic horror style that I run my games on. Your music can be used in any setting the players come across, thanks for making this beautiful music!
Lena Mae, Oct 20, 2011

Dear Nox Arcana
I am absolutely a huge fan of your work! I feel your music defines me as a person, it portrays my feelings and emotions in ways that words never could especially Shadow of the Raven. The music you create is just absolutely stunning and beautiful and its just so dark and chilling it feels like it grabs my soul. I never heard anything like it before. It gives me the goosebumps! Every time I hear it I can't believe my ears its just that amazing! I've listened to every single album and I still can't get enough. I'm sooo glad your albums are like 20 or more songs each not the normal 10-13 because it satisfies my need for the music so much better :D so don't ever stop doing that. I hope you have taken the time to read my letter, I hope you guys never stop making such wonderful music! You stole my heart! :)
Feanaro Arcamenel, Oct 18, 2011

Have to say your Cd's are amazing.  I listen to them year around not just during the Halloween season. The music is beautiful especially your Winter's Knight with some Gregorian chant in the mix.  Very ethereal.  I was even married on Halloween so am a serious spooky individual that hopes you keep rolling out the music and books as well.  My husband is a heavy metal guitarist like some of your musicians.  Knowing what goes into making music I am always in awe when I hear talent like you have amassed for your CD's. You guys rock!!!!!!
Jody Wenzel

Dark Tower received! Joseph Vargo you are brilliant — love your music and artwork. I have all your CDs and your postcards are clipped to my bulletin board.
Thank you again,
Rachel H., Oct 6, 2011

You guys seriously have some of the best dark instrumental music out there! The first album I heard was Winter's Eve, about two years ago. Since then I've bought every album on iTunes and I can't wait until The Dark Tower comes out! I listen to your music whenever I paint, it really does help to set the mood. Even though I have all the albums digitally I hope I can buy all the physical copies one day! I can't go a day without hearing a few songs off of the Transylvania album, which is one of my favorites. I hope you both keep making music for a long time!
Marie Jung, Sept 25, 2011

Even though I'm new to your music I love it!!! I wish I had come across it years and years ago! I'm a Halloween freak! I love forward to Halloween ALL year! And your music is the BEST!! It does wonders for my haunt!!!! I bought Carnival of Lost Souls and listened to every bit of it. It's so great! Every year my garage is transformed into my Halloween Haunt and Nox Arcana is definitely the best music for it! I intend to buy two more this year, now that I see you have so many.
Thank You so much!
Melanie, August 7, 2011

Darkest greetings,
Thanx so much for making the music u create... it's blissfully dark & divine. U soooo get a 10 from me :D
Morticia, August 1, 2011

"Music is what feelings sound like." You guys express yourselves through your music and I must say...such an honor to feel what you feel. Calming, Relaxing, Dark, Mysterious, keep up your work.
Thank you,
Zach Farhat, July 28, 2011

Thank you so much for creating the music that you do.  It is inspiring and magicaL and absolutely beautiful.
Joseph Matusik, July 25, 2011

Your music is just awesome. Never thought I'd be listening this type of music, but I just can't get enough. Can't wait for the next release.
Micah, July 17, 2011

I just wanted to say Thank you for creating beautiful music that inspires the hearts and minds of so many, including myself. I hope to hear more music in the future from your band. Peace and hope all is well.
MimikNVisions, June 13, 2011

I love this music. It's what I've been hunting for over the past few years. Having reached the conclusion that film music was more attractive than many other forms these days I first came across Necronomicon and was hooked. I'd enjoyed music by Luca Turilli and Rhapsody but by the time I'd heard a few more Nox Arcana albums I knew where my musical tastes were better served. I've now got most of the Nox Arcana, the latest being Blackthorn Asylum. I'm buying them in any order and they all conjour up images that feed the imagination. Listen to the albums is like creating your own mental movie. It's all very evocative. I hope there will be plenty more to come.
Best wishes,
Mr. Kim Lay, Brightlingsea UK, June 1, 2011

Just wanted to say I've been a fan of your music for a long time! Keep up the good work. Your haunting music seems to weave a surreal dreamworld for me no matter where or when I listen to it. :) Hope to see you come out with more music soon!
Best regards,
Katie, February 7, 2011

Earlier today, I received my orders, Winter's Knight and Winter's Eve. I live in Canada and am amazed at how fast they arrived. I would like to thank you so much for the CDs and the extra Theater of Illusion poster and Nox Arcana postal cards! The artwork on the postal cards are stunning, I have decided to put them in picture frames and keep them! I now have Winter's Knight, Winter's Eve and Transylvania. The music is great and I will be buying more CDs from you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tyler, Jan 31, 2011

Hi guys. Greetings from Turkey! My name is Uğur and I am very big fan of yours. I just want to say that the music you make is unique and brilliant. I listen to every type of music, specially Finnish metal bands, but Nox Arcana is very different and gorgeus for me. I listen to you guys when I read Edgar Allan Poe, I listen when writing poems, I listen when writing gothic horror stories. I'm studing at University of Kocaeli and my department is Cinema and Television. I will be a movie director and I really want to work with you guys in movie project. Please don't stop making this dark, unique, prurient, inspirational music.
Good luck and good work for you!
Uğur Kilinc, January 29, 2011

Hello. I just want to say I'm so glad I can listen to your music. I find there in your songs so much melancholy beauty, a dream world like the world in my mind.
Greetings from Poland,
Jacob Merihim V'ampire, Jan 16, 2011

Hi! I just wanna say two things: First, you are the best band on the planet! Second, please don't stop to make your beautiful music! I beg you!
Best Regards.
Francisco Vargas, Portugal, Nov 16, 2010

I was introduced to your music this Halloween.  I love instrumentals and this is great to listen to especially when I study. Also your cds are not as expensive as I thought they would be. I like Winters Eve, Winter's Knight and Transylvania best.  I am putting them on my Christmas list this year. Keep up the good work.
Ann Melman, Nov 14, 2010  

I just wanted to thank you for making such lovely music. Your music brings me peace. I cannot thank you enough. Gratefully,
Lynette Murray, Nov 9, 2010

Your music is a muse to me. I have been listening to your music since I read about you in Dark Realms magazine back in about 2004. As a huge fan of horror in general, particularly Lovecraft, your CD based on Lovecraft's works was all the convincing I needed that I should go buy some of your CDs. I'm very much into art, particularly pencil drawings, costume design and performing arts and I listen to your music as my inspiration. Your Carnival of Lost Souls album alone inspired a good portion of my choreography, personal costume designs and horror type sketches.
      Recently I was cast as an asylum inmate and I think the only reason I did such a good job at it was that I literally had Blackthorn Asylum playing on my headphones every night. I fell asleep to "Shock Treatment" literally every evening for a full month and it paid off very well,
      Your music is absolutely beautiful and it really is a great thing for someone like me who wants to actually have some ambiance during a daily stroll through the local cemetery or really needs something that is deeply evocative and inspiring melodically to get creative inspiration flowing. Really, I'm sure you've heard this sort of thing before but I just wanted very much to let you know how much I love your music and how deeply it inspires me in my own arts. Also, it adds an even greater level of ambiance when reading Poe or Lovecraft, it actually made my grandmother smile when I played Shadow of the Raven while reading to her from her favorite collection of Edgar Allen Poe's works on Halloween. Thank you for creating such wonderfully vivid pieces and appealing to those of us with a darker side to our imaginations. The emotions your music evokes are strong and very conducive to creativity and that is an amazing thing that I greatly admire.
Magdalene Daae, Nov 2, 2010

Dear gentlemen,
Since discovering Nox Arcana, I believe I can quite safely say that I have found my dream band. I encountered you for the first time slightly over a year ago (not long after Blackthorn Asylum came out). I think the first song I heard was "Lullaby, " or possibly "Labyrinth of Dreams"—in any case, I was instantly enthralled and would spend hours on end on YouTube listening to various songs of yours. Come Halloween that year, I went to a store and bought all of your albums that they carried—Darklore Manor, Necronomicon, Transylvania, and Carnival of Lost Souls. I keep these albums playing in my room almost 24/7—I leave them running when I am not home so I can walk back in to hear them playing; I sleep to them. The music is so dark, so romantic, so sinister, and above all, so soothing. Your themes are wonderfully diverse, yet you capture every theme of every album perfectly in a beautiful and uniquely dark manner, and the variety of song tones within each individual album is simply lovely. My favorite individual songs are far, far too numerous to list. I might very tentatively say that my favorite albums are Carnival of Lost Souls, Grimm Tales, and Shadow of the Raven, but as I adore every album for different reasons, I don't for a moment believe I can accurately choose a favorite and so you may as well disregard that statement.
      I must also congratulate you on the high level of sophistication you have brought to the Gothic music genre—I thrive on good music, and I have always had a passion for the darkly classy. Before I discovered you, I was having quite a bit of difficulty finding such a band to fit my tastes. As a young, spawning Goth, I simply could not seem to find anything remotely fitting until I ran across Nox Arcana—and finally, I had found a band that was dark, driving, and creepy, yet romantic, beautiful, and very sophisticated. Thank you for doing justice to the Gothic realm of music. (Also, Mr. Vargo, your art is absolutely divine.) I spread the word about you everywhere I can to anyone who will hear me. I am very choosy about my music, and it is not often that I get truly enthused about a band. Nox Arcana is the exception. Every piece you have produced to date, be it grandly orchestral, sparse piano, or simple sound effects, has been absolutely brilliant and I cannot get enough. I practically live on your website hoping for more—if you have just released an album, I can still be found on your news page every single day, looking for tidings of your next project. That said, I hope with all my being that you continue to produce album after album until you are claimed by the grave, and after. I hope to hit the Halloween store today and see if I can obtain more of your albums, and I plan to order all those that I do not yet own at the soonest possible date. I could continue to heap accolades on you for pages, but as I've already written a virtual essay (apologies for that) I will stop here. In short, all the work that both of you gentlemen do is genuis, and may you always keep it up. Thank you for everything, and, of course, I wish you both a joyous and terrifying Halloween. Best and darkest regards always,
Jordan Shouey, Oct 31, 2010 (Happy Halloween)

I love Nox Arcana's music. Last year I discovered their music and now I own five of their cds. Their music is especially awesome for our Halloween parties and I now try to build a halloween theme around one of their CDs. This year it is based around Phantom of the High Seas and for next year we are considering Carnival of Lost Souls. Our friends can't wait for this year's party. Cheers,
Ken Barbalace, Oct 21, 2010

I just wanted to send a quick thank you note for sponsoring the Nox Arcana CD give away on John's blog, Season of Shadows. The cd Blackthorn Asylum was great and the goodie packaging that John shipped it in really made my Halloween. I loved the CD so much I just placed an order for the Transylvania album, figured it would be the perfect addition to the vampire gypsy camp theme I've got spinning around in my head. Keep up the great work! Thanks again.Your new fan,
Jacob Sinacola, Oct 18, 2010

Hello I just want to send a little fan-mail to the epic musicmakers. I adore your music. The first I heard from you, was Winter's Knight, and it got me hooked almost instantly. Now, I can't stop hearing your incredible music. It's spellbinding down to the bones. Congrats on that :) Brilliant music, and I hope you're gonna keep it up for as long as possible.
Maja, Sept 25, 2010

Hello Nox Arcana, I love your music. In 2004 I was in New York and bought the cd Darklore Manor. And now I love your music. It's cool gothic music. I hope you make more cds so I can listen to them.
Marcel Gesthuizen, Holland, August 14, 2010

Ah, your music is simply wonderful... I've written several poems in honor of your songs. Simply enchanting, beautiful in so many ways. I simply cannot stop listening to your tunes. Your new album, Theatre of Illusion, is a great piece of work. I could not stop listening to "The Swords of Kali." I would have to say that so far Winter's Eve, Shadow of the Raven, and Blackthorn Asylum are my favorite albums so far, though I have yet to listen to more. The first song I've listened to by you was "Labyrinth of Dreams." I simply loved it.
Bartimaeus, Aug 9, 2010

Hey, I love the music, keep it up! Nox Arcana is actually one of my favorite bands now since I found out about you guys. I didn't think that I'd actually get into that genre of music. I was actually looking up a death metal band called Necronomicon and I came across your album and checked it out. I loved your music ever since and made it up to one of my favorites. It's very inspirational and dark. It flows amazing with the book that I'm writing too. If I had to say, my favorite album is Blood of the Dragon, though my favorite songs are Gothic Sanctum, The Raven, Shadow Forest, Frenzy, and Steeds of Thunder.
Alex Schmidt, July 27, 2010

Dear Nox Arcana. Having three of your CDs as of current and hoping to complete my collection sometime in the future, I must first say that it is a very pleasant surprise to find an exceedingly skilled group of artists who play music in the realm of American Gothic and fantasy soundtrack. Indeed, I've been working on being able to base an entire adventure/series around the Blood of the Dragon lyrics/music. Your music and playing is exceptional. Your songs are inspiring (both dreams dark and dreams fantastic) and your understanding of your musical subjects always inspire. You have truly become my favorite group.
Thank you, William Eakins, July 23, 2010

Hey Guys.  I've recently rediscovered Nox Arcana and love this musical art. The mythos that you've carved out using both the visual as well as musical mediums is exceptional. This is the type of work that deserves unflinching support. I proudly own and display your musical catalogue. Thank you, and much success in your endeavours.
Gustavo De Beauville, July 12, 2010

Dear Nox Arcana. I can't put into words just how much I love your music. It's inspiring, deep, and utterly beautiful. Some of my best writing has come from having your music on in the background for hours and hours on end! I've been spamming so many of my friends with this music because it's just so, so wonderful! You guys are stunningly talented, and I am beyond glad I've found you! My only regret is that I can't come and see you if you perform live since I'm stranded in the UK. No matter; I will just keep enjoying the site and the music. Keep up the amazing work guys. You make a lot of us fans very happy ^_^
Regards, Heather, July 1, 2010

Hey guys! I'm a huge lover of Nox Arcana. You're amazing, Its not my usual style of music, but when I was searching for music for a short film I was doing as a project, I stumbled across "Shadows Fall" and ever since I've been hooked, Your music is just like I've never heard, Only in dreams! My mates were all astonished when I told them I was listening to you guys cos normally I would very rarely stray from classic rock, But for music this good I stray from the path of all that is good :D lol. Well done guys and keep composing, You're legends of the current era,
Moe Kanz, May 21, 2010

GAWD, I love you guys! I came upon your song "First Snow", and it sounded interesting, so I clicked on the link. I LOVED IT. That was the first of your songs that I adored, and I've come to love so many others between now and then. I cannot WAIT for your new album to come out, summer just will NOT come fast enough.
Liv Hudson, Apr 2, 2010

I'm just a 15 year old male who loves your music. It always calms me down when nothing else can and inspires my own artwork. Your music is the most soothing, eerie, as well as relaxing I've ever heard in my lifetime. Thank you, and keep on making great music.
Ed Arri, Mar 27, 2010

I recently purchased your book for piano, and I must say that it is very nice and I am more than satisfied with it. It is helping me become more proficient at piano, and I enjoy playing your music to my best capabilities (because I'm nowhere near as good as you guys). I look forward to Volume 2, and hopefully there will be some pipe organ arrangements in it, such as my favorite song by Nox Arcana, "Masque of the Red Death." I remain a faithful follower of your beautiful and inspiring music. I can't wait for Theater of Illusion. It will be amazing, I know. Darkly Everafter,
Bronson Clark, Mar 11, 2010

Greetings, I would like to first simply say what an amazing job you do with your music. It is truly wonderful. Thanks for what you do and please keep up the great work.Sincerely,
Lance Hoagland, Feb 3, 2010

I greatly admire your craft. I listen to your tracks repeatedly and I find Transylvania, Grimm Tales, and Winter's Eve to be the most potent of your works (I particularly commune with "Pax Terra" and "Labyrinth of Dreams"). I also find beauty in your illustrated works. Thank you for your incredible works of stirring art.
Ian Kendrick, Jan 23, 2010

Dear Joseph Vargo, I hope deep down you realize how AMAZINGLY TALENTED YOU ARE and how you and the music of Nox Arcana touches people in wonderful ways. I've enjoyed every album and listen to each of them often and in my humble opinion, your latest release Winter's Eve is a genuine masterpiece. Your abilty to write melodies that can stir emotions of such beautiful complexity is a gift to all of us, your deeply appreciative fans. I listen to Winter's Eve so often that my wife is beginning to tease me. In fact, as I write this "Season of Wonder" (one of my favorite pieces) is playing in the background. Hats off to you, William, Christine, Jeff, and everyone involved in creating  music that I believe stands the test of time. Thanks for your gift this season. Happy holidays!!!
Ron Ruiz, Dec 23, 2009

Greetings, I was recently introduced to your music and, at the age of 54, I find it some of the most enchanting and magickal that I have heard.  It's beautiful, haunting and technically excellent as well.  Being a lover of toccatas and Gregorian music, as well as a lifelong reader and lover of Poe, Lovecraft and etc., I love the way your albums follow a theme. Brilliant work boys, continue please!
Valarie Anne MacB, Dec 30, 2009

I found a few of your cds online while looking at the Spirit Halloween store. I listened to one of the clips and could not believe what I was hearing! I promptly listened to all of the clips available for each of the cds. Afterward I showed them to my boyfriend and he loved them too. We both now own Phantoms of the High Seas and are planning to buy more. I even had my mother listen to the cd and she couldn't get enough of the songs either! I can't wait for you to come out with more cds! ~on the edge of her seat for more,
Sarah Rauterkus, Dec 15, 2009

I discovered your music with a friend and I immediatly loved it; it was just what I was searching for. I love it, and have toI tell you thanks a lot for this!
Liu, Nov 29, 2009

I could all too easily write an entire essay on how incredible Nox Arcana is, so I'll attempt to be as brief as possible. First and most importantly, the music is euphoric. I proudly own all of the CDs (except for Zombie Influx which I will soon buy) and I have to admit, they are all amazing. There is not a single track on any of the CDs that I don't love, nor is there a single musical note not perfectly placed. Also, I find the names of the tracks to be noteworthy, they are especially creative and appropriately named. The spectacle doesn't end there. The artwork and the lengthy detailed descriptions that are included with each CD sets the scene for the entire CD that is of a caliber matching that of the music. As if the relentless magnificence isn't enough, each CD only costs 10 dollars. A price that is a blatant steal! Nox Arcana is my favorite musical group.
Dax Juaquin Maness, Nov 9, 2009

We've just had the pleasure of adding one of your magnificent CDs to our Halloween sounds and music collection. I cannot even begin to tell you how impressed I am with your work. We managed to buy a copy of Phantoms of the High Seas and your music was the perfect haunting accompniment to our pirate themed display. Your music is wonderfully etherial and haunting, when words are spoken they don't overpower the music but work to augment it and make it that much more haunting. There is no doubt in my mind that we will most certainly be adding further CDs of your work to our collection, and we are DEFINATELY looking forward to enjoying them long past Halloween. I've also had a chance to look through some of the various links on your site and have loved the details and stories to go with your albums. I shall certainly be looking forward to adding other albums to the collection and thank you for offering something so much more substansial that serious lovers of a good, meaningful fright have so longed for. Cheers,
Stacey, Twilight Productions, Nov 4, 2009

Hello there! What a wonderfull find! I was looking for some game info when I came across your website. I was drawn in by how well it was done. I then listened to four or five of your tracks and I was hooked. I had never heard anything like it. I then ordered a bunch of your CDs, the book and a shirt. I recieved the order yesterday and I am very pleased with everything. My wife really likes your music also. I will spread the word about your website and music. Keep up the good work!! With warm regards,
H. Hughes, Oct 21,2009

FREAK'IN WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!! excellent CD !!!!!!! Will be posting on our Halloween forums about this AWESOME cd that needs to be in anyones Halloween music library !! Can't say enough, and I am hard to impress when it come to new music / effects CDs I add to my library. I've always loved Nox Arcana's (Vargo's) CDs and I like the mix of yours and his talents on this! Thanx again, best to all further music ventures.
Mark, Oct 17, 2009

Heard about you on The Midnight Podcast—this sounded fantastic. I actually pulled over car while listening to write down your web address. This will be best Halloween ever.

Awesome music! Keep it up! I just bought Blood of the Dragon and I thought it was awesome! Just the kind of music I was looking for whenever I'm on storytelling mode. Thanks for your creativity.
Tavo, Oct 14, 2009

Dear Nox Arcana, First off may I say, BEAUTIFUL music! I love listening to the haunting melodies that you compose, and they are often my first pick for inspirational music when I work on my drawings or graphic designs! I look forward to your new album Winter's Eve! A Loyal Nox Fan,
Tiffany N., Sep 28, 2009

I love your work. Espero que sigan delitándonos con su linda música por mucho tiempo más. Congratulations from the frosts and beautiful territories of the south of Chile.
Beatriz, Sept 20, 2009

Hey there! A few years ago I emailed you thanking you for inspiring my halloween-iness... I ended up making and running a haunted tour based on the Darklore Manor CD. It was really awsome. I'm writing to tell you that once again you have inspired me to do something nifty! I'm an anime fan, so naturally I've been attempting to write a manga anime. I made a "soundtrack" on youtube for my manga using a lot of your songs (because they are so awsome of course). So thank you once again!!! Your humble fan,
Emily, Aug 29, 2009

I'd like to say thanks for the wonderful music. I stumbled upon the band with the album Transylvania which was playing inside a Spirit Halloween outlet. I purchased it and Darklore Manor at the same time and I've been hooked ever since. I have amassed the entire catalog of Nox Arcana CDs and I always look forward to the news of each latest release. Speaking of which, I forsee an even greater holiday season with the next album Winter's Eve. Can't wait!!!!!! My thanks for your courteous and speedy reply to my question. I remain a loyal fan!!!!
Ron Ruiz, Aug 28, 2009

To say that you both are an inspiration would be a vast understatement. Your albums honor my collection and the album art graces my walls. Thanks to you, I have re-developed a passionate love for the works of Poe, Lovecraft, and other writers of their ilk. Most ambient groups can't really make the shift as well as you do, I think. If most other bands tried to make an album completely unlike their other ones, it would be a thing to stay away from. But with you guys, it seems that you're able to make the shift well with some of your songs, because even if they sound different than your usual work, there are subtle similarities. Thanks for being my musical idols.
Sevastian Ochev, Aug 22, 2009

Hi guys, I just want to say that I love Blackthorn Asylum. It is probably your darkest album to date. I'm absolutely addicted to the songs "When Darkness Falls, " "Solitary Confinement" and "Spiders In The Attic." My absolute favorite is "When Darkness Falls." It's so dreamy, so creepy! This music is going to freak people out at Halloween time. I can't wait! And I can't wait for your next offering. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's going to be great as usual. Keep knockin' 'em dead!
Kevin, Detroit, Aug 18, 2009

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I am enjoying your music. A friend introduced me to a few of your selections about a week ago, and since that time I've gone mad and bought several albums. Your music is pure genius... I've been looking for music that inspires my own dark muse and yours definitely fits the mold. Thank you for creating such beautiful music for listeners to enjoy. I look forward to buying your albums for many years to come.Sincerely,
Devyn Quinn, Aug 1, 2009

Hello! I was just browsing on Amazon when I stumbled upon your music. I have to say after listening to some sample tracks I was BLOWN AWAY! I instantly ordered 6 of your CDs and can't wait to get them in the mail. They gave me delightful chills and thrills up and down my spine! I will listen to these CDs year round! Keep up the Great Work, and I have to say that it is we, your fans, who are the one's that are truly rewarded. Your new found Fan and Friend,
Shane Luck, July 30, 2009

I had written before in praise of Carnival of Lost Souls, but having just listened to Blackthorn Asylum it's hard to decide! Last night I lit a couple of candles and just sat in the darkness allowing your haunting melodies to wash away my stress. Thank you for such incredibly wonderful listening experiences.
Linda K., July 29, 2009

Blackthorn Asylumis absolutely amazing! It sent chills down my spine, and the story was captured so well within each and every track... great job!
Alan, July 1, 2009

I was waiting for Blackthorn Asylum since months, and finally it's released! Only three words: great job, guys! Congratulations for the tale about the asylum and the songs, expecially "Fade to black" and "Dementia 13". I really can't understand how can you invent all these awesome themes for your works, you're genius!
I wanted to ask you if you've ever thought about having a concert abroad, it would be great... With love,
Elise, Jun 23, 2009

Greetings Great Ones! I am your biggest fan! Not many people would expect a teen to like such wonderful and such beautiful music. Teens around me always listen to rap or hip-hop, but nothing can ever compare to the excellent music pieces that are created from the greatest band in the world!!!!!!!!!! My favorite album is Carnival of Lost Souls!  It is such a wonderful masterpiece! Your band inspires my self confidence and motivates me at times when life gets hard for me. My ipod needs charging all the time because I listen to your music all day! Regular music doesn't compare to the darkly beautiful pieces of excellent composition! All of the somber beats, melodies and tones fit my lifestyle and my ear candy! Every time I hear your music it gets me so pumped (or, at times, really thinking!) Thank you for all the music you two produce! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! I cannot wait for Blackthorn Asylum!!!
Kevin James, Jun 3, 2009

I really adore your music, I don't even remember how I stumbled upon it, but MAN. Love at first listen. I've even gotten my boyfriend and his D&D-loving nerd friends listening to Blood of the Dragon and Grimm Tales — both are great for their games! I'm utterly in love with Carnival of Lost Souls and Phantoms of the High Seas — great themes in both! My only kvetch is that there isn't a longer version of "Spellbound" as it is on track 9—I love the scratchy Victrola effect! As much as I like the rock version, it doesn't hold a candle to the haunting feel of the old-timey version. Had there been a full version of the original track, I'd have probably used that for my wedding — it's so perfect! Anyway, I'm excited to hear about your new album, too, and I'm looking forward to laying my hands on a copy at the end of June! Keep it up, guys, you're awesome!
Stormy, VA, Jun 2, 2009

You guys are awesome! I just wanted to express my love for your music and artwork, it's so incredible inspiring, beautiful, mysterious and fascinating. Words obviously can't describe all the fantastic mental realms created by these pieces of art. But it's truly brilliant, it takes me into another dimension, away from the stressful and monotone everyday life, you guys make my life a lot richer, keep up the good work, I really appreciate it!
Kind regards, Herman Flaaten, May 16, 2009

Your songbook, Music From the Shadows, arrived a couple of days ago, and I am so happy! This book is really, really, great, and the songs are not too difficult for even beginners to learn. And it's so great to finally be able to play my favorite songs by your band. I love "Nevermore" and I can't wait to learn the entire song. Great job!
Alan, May 3, 2009

I love your sound. I would so love to see a DVD consisting only of your music and haunting imagery. Just considder it.
Elbert Householder, May 2, 2009

I'd just like to say I've found the perfect way to read—accompanied by your music. When I read I find any clear words within earshot completely off-putting and I can't concentrate at all, so now I just put my earphones in, turn the volume up to full, and begin listening to your music. Now I can read for hours on end without fear of distraction and sometimes, just by chance, a random track will be picked from my playlist which will really fit the book, chapter, or page I'm reading and it will make the whole experience so much better. Thanks for your music.
Michael Walker, Apr 20, 2009

Ran across your music for the first time and I'm ashamed to say that I've never heard it before. When you hear GREAT new music for the first time you don't expect that it comes from your home state. I was floored when I saw that you're based out of Ohio. Just wanted to say hello and how much I enjoy listening to your compositions... they are AMAZING!
Theron, Apr 14, 2009

I cannot say how awsome it is that you go through this sort of dedication for your fans. There are so many bands out there that just don't care what they do and yet they still expect everyone to like them. I wonder how many emails you must get in a day and how much time you devote to answering them, on top of all the other band related items and your artworks. The point that you make this time for your fans shows just how much more you care what they think and feel about your endevours and makes us all the more involved and richer. You should both take a great sense of pride and accomplishment in your commitment to your band, fans, and yourselves.
     I take a great sense of pride knowing that you both are working as dilligently as you do to make us all smile. Have a truely excellent week. Thank you both.
Druid, Apr 8, 2009

As a writer who likes to try her hand at horror, I find nothing sets the mood better than music geared towards that theme. My first purchase has been the album Grimm Tales. My first thought was, my God, they're fabulous. I look forward to purchasing more albums from Nox Arcana and I am very happy that I have found a band that produces beautiful and haunting music. Thank you!
Kyia Star, Mar 26, 2009

I've never heard such fascinating and charming music ... it makes literary and lost worlds real, as poets couldn't have done either. I love Blood of the Dragon for its medieval sound, Transylvania as a special musical aspect of Stoker's novel ("Grande Masquearde" has left me breathless), Grimm Tales for its magical and fairytale worlds, and Necronomicon... I would never have thought that someone could give birth to Lovecraft's cycle. Congratulations!
Giacomo, from Italy, Feb 14, 2009

Nox Arcanna has fast replaced Steppenwolf as my favorite band. I first bought Winter's Knight, and Darklore Manor and was simply dumbfounded to hear the music that floods my mind everyday on a CD. I have since added Transylvannia, Necronomicon, Carnival of Lost Souls, and now Shadow of the Raven. With each new cd I am more and more in love with the music. In an age of cookie cutter music and radio garbage where nothing has any real meaning or feeling, finding music as emerced in emotion, meaning, and imagery was a dream come true. The concepts, illusions, emotions, and imagery of Nox Arcanna portrayed through their cds is intense and uncomparable to anything else I have heard. I have used the cds each halloween when I set up my displays and goodies. Your melodic and period music helps add a very heady macabre feel to the already creepy layout I present. Please keep 'em coming. A devoted fan,
Sean Beever, Canada, Feb 9, 2009

Hello from a fan to the best group ever. I wanted to tell you that here in France we listen to you. You're so fantastic. You love your work and we see it. Each new album is a new adventure. It is really a pleasure to follow the knight into an epic quest, or visit a haunted house, or to cross the seas with a death crue... Really, we (me and all my friends) are waiting for your new cd.
Adrien, the angel without wings, Jan 26, 2009

My wife ordered me your Legend of Darklore Manor book and cd combo for my birthday. I have just started reading and so far I have not been disappointed. My only question is this, have you ever given any thought to writing any stories based on some of your other albums? In my opinion Carnival of Lost Souls would make a great story if it were further expanded on. Whatever you guys do please keep up the awesome work, I check your page frequently to see what new horrific adventures you have for your fans.
Blane, Jan 14, 2009

Hey guys, I just wanted to praise you for such good music over the years. I'm impressed by your ability to tell stories and capture certain themes musically, especially the haunted carnival, Dracula/Transylvania, and Poe themes. I have five of your albums and all are great. I think Grimm Tales is one of your best. My personal favorite is Carnival of Lost Souls. I listen to your albums year round because they go beyond just being for Halloween. They are perfect for putting me in a certain mood that inspires and untaps my creative self. I look forward to your next album, Blackthorn Asylum. Keep the albums coming, I'm sure to buy them!
Kevin, Detroit MI, Jan 12, 2009

Hi guys! I want to tell you that your music is just wonderful, it's fantastic!! I've listened to Nox Arcana since this summer and I've always thought you're the best... Your music is really particular and so much different than all the other genres of music. I think your best albums are Carnival of Lost Souls, Grimm Tales, Winter's Knight and Shadow of the Raven... they are just fantastic!
From Italy with Love, Elisabetta, Jan 11, 2009

Greetings and Salutations, I would like to take this time to say that I am one of your biggest fans and I think that you have the most enchanted way of showing your benevolence and ferocity in your writing as well as in your art. Each piece and form of your art is so highly detailed and expertly crafted. It is so mystical and captivating that it sometimes takes me to an imaginary realm of magic and mythology that no mere fairy tale could have inspired. Thank you!
Elizabeth Concepcion, Jan 8, 2009

I am a role player, and am putting on a Call of Cthulhu game for some friends. I like to have music for the game, and you guys fit the bill perfectly!!! Keep up the awesome work!
Don, Jan 7, 2009

I finally found the music I've been looking for. I have been looking for music like this for quite some time,  and I wanted to say thank you for your beautiful, eerie and haunting music. Sincerely,
Christine, Dec 10, 2008

I am 41 Years old and happily married and father of three kids I am very much into the paranormal and creepy stuff. I just wanted to tell you that I Love your music!!! It is the greatest I have heard in a long time. My wife really likes it too, and I have told several of my ghosthunting friends about it also. Anyway, I just wanted to say keep up the good work. Your music is Great !!!!!! I am also going to ad you as a friend on My Space. Thanks a lot.
Rich Myers, Dec 5, 2008

I thought I would take a second and thank you for all the hard work you put into your albums. You guys do an outstanding job and I enjoy listening to your work all year round. Not just on Halloween ;) Keep up the great work.
Alan, Nov 20, 2008

Heard some of the music you have done at a horror themed party that I went to and what can I say but wow, the tone and darkness set the mood. I have always liked carnival inspired music and you have pulled it off. Keep up the good work!
Gavin Swift, Nov 12, 2008

Phantoms of the High Seas came today, and I have to say it's extremely beautiful! The song "Pirates" sends chills down my spine. It's so symphonic... and the brass in every song really ties everything together and makes it so dark and powerful... you've definitely outdone yourselves!
Alan, Gray ME, Oct 20, 2008

Just wanted to drop a line, and say how much I love your work. After a trip through your website, I made a point of picking up every CD.  Everyone I've played it for loves it (my mother LOVES the Carnival of Lost Souls CD), and I'm looking forward to the High Seas album.  I love music that inspires imagination, and this is right up my alley. As a musician myself, I try and pull inspiration from any source I can.  You've given me tons of ideas.  Thanks a lot.
Jason Ward, Oct 17, 2008

Dear Dark Friends, Thanks for your latest CD. The sea and its mystersies provide ample opportunity for your music. Somehow this genre never gets exhausted. Presently I possess eight of your CDs. Phantoms makes number nine. Your orchestrations with the penchant for the minor key, ostinato rhythms, and effective use of the pedal works perfectly. The occasional tubular chime with its minor overtones adds a "spiritual" twist not to mention the "ghostly choruses." Please continue your efforts in this most important medium. The artwork by Joseph Vargo both in the literature and the jewel cases remains outstanding. Thank you both for your artistry and talent. Sincerely,
Vince Malatesta, Oct 17, 2008

To All Who Have Made Nox Arcana a Success: Long have souls been trying to find that darkness that is actualized in only a select few. Your music is a rare beauty filled with sweet dark melodies that awaken that part of some people that has been lying in patient wait for what seems an eternity... until happenstance and more than a little Fate guides them to that fountain... This is exactly what I have been thirsting for. Thank you for conceptualizing and producing it.
Karla R. Villarreal, Oct 9, 2008

I want to thank you for your music. It's beautiful. No, beautiful is too little and inadequate of a word to describe it. It's absolutely entrancingly gorgeous. The soft, haunting tunes from your Grimm Tales album are my favorites, though I adore all of your music. You guys have quickly, over the past year, become my favorite of all musicians. I always had a vivid imagination to begin with, but when I listen to the beautiful works of art you guys have made and close my eyes it's like i'm in another world. A dark place of macabre fairy tales and horrors untold. I adore it all. I hope you two continue to make music for a very, very long time. Best Wishes,
Keesha C., Oct 5, 2008

Hello, i just wanted to write in. I love your work. I think the ideas you bring to music are just great and really all of your stuff is a work of art. Not just because it's Halloween time but because there is a bigger picture behind what you do. Your tribute to Poe was a masterpiece. And I just picked up two other cds tonight that I have been hunting for . Just wanted to show my support for your art. Absinthe cheers,
Kristoph from NJ, Sep 17, 2008

Greetings from France. I once wrote you an e-mail to congratulate you for your great work on EA Poe's tribute Shadow of the Raven. I thanked you also for Carnival of Lost Souls... it was the music I wanted since I was a child, a dark ambient of bizarre circus. I was a fan since I discovered you, when Necronomicon came out. You make the musical stories I look forward to, Dracula, EA Poe, Carnival... you just make the soundtrack I was expecting all my childhood, so I wanted to thank you very much. I asked you if you were interested by ghost ships stories, sirens and forbidden island with cursed treasure, and you answered me a mystery "we are in fact very interested in pirates, but our next work will be on the Brothers Grimm's Tales"... and so it was. I was very pleased by this CD, maybe it was because I felt it like a good complement to Winter's Knight melancholy and beauty... And a few months later, I look to the news and... I discovered your next piece of art: Phantoms of the High Seas! You can't imagine how happy I was to see that, it was exactly what I was looking for. So, again, many thanks for your work, it's amazing to hear exactly the sounds I had in my head since my first readings of Poe, Lovercraft, Stevenson or Bradbury... or even Jules Verne and his "Mysterious Island" or "le Chateau des Carpathes" which can easily go with Transylvania. Keep the good work!
Florent L, Sep 4, 2008

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your unequaled and outstanding musical genius, your work has made this world all the richer. I hope to see more such dark jewels of unrivaled splendor manifest as the years go by. a listener forevermore
—a devoted follower, Sep 1, 2008

All of your works are masterpieces. They're so moody, beautiful, and symphonic, and perfect background music for a long, rainy night. Though I have been known to play them on sunny days as well. ;) I recently had an opportunity to go to Baltimore and see the various Poe landmarks there. Shadow of the Raven was my constant soundtrack! I even managed to turn a few people on to Nox Arcana. There is nothing in the world quite like the music you make. Never stop, please!
Lydia, Aug 28, 2008

First off i want to say thanks again for providing me with the most perfect mood music ever to be put on disc.  I have to say that I cant contain my excitement for the Phantoms of the High Seas disc... I really thank you guys for your hard work that you put into every masterpiece you deliver. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you as an artist and us as the fans!  Take care guys!
Chad Jenkins, Aug 18, 2008

Your music is really great. I never hoped to find something as good as yours. When I listen to your music it feels like it's sinking it's fangs inside my heart and liquefying it. I'm really happy that I found such a great band as yours. Keep up the good work.
Best wishes from Romania
Denis L, Aug 12, 2008

Your music gives me the heeby-geebies! Your music is hauntingly beautiful which seems to sink into the subconscious and gnaw hungrily at the psyche. How freakin' fantastic is that!?
Phillip De Blieck, Aug 8, 2008

Dear Dark Friends, Your latest album Grimm Tales arrived a few days ago and I have played it several times. Thanks again for your continuation in this genre. I especially enjoyed your employment of the wordless chorus and your greater use of it in this cd. My congratulations to the Gregorian Shadow Choir as well as to the rest of the musicians. Thanks to you also, Mr. Vargo, for signing my copy of Tales From The Dark Tower. Your artwork remains supreme. Please accept my gratitude for your work in this field. As an amateur writer myself I find your music in the background a positive and contributive support as I attempt to put my dark prose on paper. Sincerely,
Vince Malatesta, Jun 18, 2008

I stumbled upon your music accidentally a little while ago, and ever since, I have been in love with it. I think what you all are capable of is extraordinary when it comes to music. I thank you for creating eerie, but alluring music that so many people love. Continue the fantastic work until you drop dead ^^.
       "until we drop dead." Ah, what a sweet sentiment. Yes; that would be the plan. Brandi Weant, May 28, 2008

Hello, I was introduced to your music by a friend of mine. The first song that I listened to was "Darkness Immortal." I fell in love with you music after that. My second favorite song is "Crystal Forest." Another fascinating song. I love your music and graphics. Keep the CDs coming!
Within Darkness' Embrace,
Mike Sanchez, Merced, CA, May 26, 2008

Dear Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski,
I just want to say WOW! I knew Grimm Tales was going to be fantastic, but you guys blew me away! It is stunning... beautiful compositions and wonderful arrangements. I am addicted. I can't stop listening to it! And Joseph, the artwork for the cover and booklet is beautiful as well. You are both very inspiring, and I cannot wait to hear what you come up with in the future. Good luck and keep up the good work!
Alan Bennett, May 25, 2008

Just a note to let you guys know that I really love having Nox Arcana in Fall from Heaven. I was really blown away by the music in Grimm Tales, its my favorite CD so far. Keep up the great work!
Derek "Kael" Paxton, May 22, 2008

Got Grimm Tales last night and wanted to say I love it. So easy to let it transport me to the shadow forest to hang out with the sylvan spirits and night wraiths along the forgotten path and talk about fairy tales and fables at twilight. Great stuff.
Mike, May 13, 2008

Dear Joseph and William,
I find your music amazing. About two months ago, I got Shadow of the Raven and Carnival of Lost Souls. As a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe, I found Shadow of the Raven very fitting. I'm sure Edgar Allan Poe, were he alive, would look up with his melancholy look on his face and say, "Music to my ears, just the way I want." I listen to the CDs on the way to and from school. I really enjoyed Carnival of Lost Souls, as well. I just pre-ordered Grimm Tales and Blood of Angels, and, I cannot wait. Whenever I'm on the bus to and from school, my friends are always curious about the music I listen to. So I let them listen to it, and as soon as those headphones were on their ears, their expressions changed dramatically. I found myself reading an interview with Joseph and it said that you grew up watching the 60's TV show "Dark Shadows." I grew up watching the reruns with my mother. Also like Joseph, I am an artist and got on the school art team and got honorable mention. It was nice sending an email to a couple geniuses like yourselves. I hope to meet you two someday.
Adrienne Gomez, Apr 27, 2008

I just wanted to write to you guys that you are amazing and I am a great fan of yours. I had been to Salem this past summer and found your merchandise. I had purchased the Gothic Tarot and two cds. Mind you I had been a fan before that, which was why I purchased. I love Darklore Manor and was surprised how accurate the Tarot deck is. My gf loves to use my cards lol. Not to mention I am a great fan of Vargo's paintings. I just wanted you to know how greatful I am.
Julie H, Apr 23, 2008

Hello! I was looking for songs for my wedding on iTunes and came across you two. I immediately fell in love with your music and decided I wanted your music to be part of my wedding. I was starting to get frustrated with not finding the right sound that I was looking for, and was about to give up when I heard your music. It was just what I was looking for! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents with everyone!
Cherise, Apr 18, 2008

Dear Nox Arcana, Just want to say that Blood of Angels is an absolutely incredible CD! I listen to it every Saturday morning going to work ­ it is my weekend treat. Thanx!
Steven J. Rolfes, Cincinnati OH, Jan 14, 2008

I managed to stumble upon your music at Amazon this evening, and WOW! This is what I consider REAL goth music, and exactly what I've been looking for. It's music very well done; your music is eerie, chilling, and spine tingling. What I thought I was going to find when I first heard of and sought out Goth Music. It's 'Gourmet Goth'—the kind of music that Goths listen to when they've finally grown up... Very cool.
Lynn, Jan 11, 2008

Hello. I've never written a band before but felt compelled to write to you. About a month ago I discovered four of your albums on Rhapsody. It's always exciting to find something new and different but I think your music is the discovery of the decade for me. I've always loved the darker edge of classical music, the requiems, Brahms choral music, but your music is an awesome step beyond that. There are tracks that just send chills up my spine. Recently I ordered Shadow of the Raven, Winter's Knight and Blood of the Dragon. I wished I'd seen your tshirts when I ordered the albums, I would have purchased a few of those, too!
     I am a writer and I listen to music while I write. The biggest problem is finding the right music to set the mood. When the WGA strike put a halt on my screenplays, I turned to revising an old epic fantasy story. I credit a lot of my inspiration during the long hours of writing and revising this fantasy to your music. I took a break from writing to send you this letter, and at this very moment I have "Night of the Wolf" playing through my headphones. I think it's my favorite track, so far, of yours. Absolutely chilling—the chanting, whispering voices, the driving sinister beat—just an amazing song.
     I have been telling all my friends about your music and plan on sending a few of your albums as holiday presents. I am looking forward to receiving the three albums I ordered. You guys are amazing.
Allie Davidson, Dec 8, 2007

Dear Joseph and William, I just wanted to thank you for creating Blood of the Dragon in addition to all your other fine artistic works. My favorite literary genres are dark fantasy and Dark Age historical fiction so the somber majesty of Blood of the Dragon is a constant source of inspiration for me. Hail the Old Gods, and thanks again,
Dan McKinley, Dec 2, 2007

Greetings, Just wanted to shoot ya a quick email and say that you guys are doing an awesome job. I stumbled upon your music awhile back by accident on amazon and just can't get enough of it. Can't wait to hear more. Sincerely,
Tim, Nov 22, 2007

I just wanted to let you know I was in a Halloween "Spirit" store and they were playing your music. It is hard to find Halloween music that you wouldn't mind listening to on its own. I have really enjoyed Carnival of Lost Souls. I played it for my 5th grade class while we prepared for our "Fall Festival" and most of them really liked it. Some were a little freaked out, but that's okay. Anyway, I just wanted to take the opportunity to give some positive feedback.
D.L. Henry, Arizona, Nov 5, 2007

I'd like to thank you for your wonderful music! I'm a lawyer from Brazil, and I often play Call of Cthulhu with my friends. I must say, your music added a lot to the game's atmosphere! My players (and I) loved it! =) I wish you guys the best and will be waiting for your next works!
Luiz, Oct 30, 2007

Dear Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski,
     I would like to say that your music is simply inspiring. Every time I hear it, I think of ways I can use it in home-made movies, as soundtracks for parties, and for my horror stories that that I write in my free time. I have three CDs, (Necronomicon, Carnival of Lost Souls, and Shadow of the Raven) and I absolutely love them. My favoite CD in general is Carnival of Lost Souls, and my second favorite one is Blood of the Dragon. My favorite piece by you is "The House of Usher, " and I love the song "Steeds of Thunder."
     I compose and record my own Gothic classical music and I take so much inspiration from your albums to improve my style and to write better, darker, material. I also enjoy the "Born of the Night" book with all the paintings... it's beautiful. My favorite painting is "Realm of Shadows;" the use of black and green (my two favorite colors) is wonderful. Anyway... I am such a big fan of all your works, and I can't wait for Grimm Tales. Keep it up!
Alan, Oct 22, 2007

I listened to Shadow of the Raven while to and from work. This album is absolutely brilliant. However, I had to stop listening at one point because the violins on The Raven and Lenore were so moving, the music brought me to tears. VERY powerful.
     Each of your cds tells a story. But Shadow of the Raven captured Poe the man--the tortured soul. While listening, i imaged his cottage here in the Bronx where his beloved died. I pictured him sitting at her bedside as she passed on.
     While listening to "Murders in the Rue Morgue, " I imagined you and William in 19th century garb, chasing a gorilla through the streets of Paris, shooting at him with small, double barrelled revolvers as he jumps from rooftop to rooftop. (This is what happens when I watch the 300 plus black and white classic horror and mystery films in my collection)
     "The Pit and the Pendulum, " excuse my Newyorkese, but Holy *&&@!@. What a wicked tune! I could feel the pendulum coming closer. And "The Black Cat" scared me to death. Thanks so much, I will treasure this cd always.
Pat Gonzales, NYC, Oct 16, 2007

Dear Nox Arcana,
     Your music is fantastic. Every note and melody blends together, sending me into a wonderland of ideas, dreams and thoughts. I listen to your music for inspiration when writing, and always use your pieces for films my friends and I make. Your melodies are enchanting, your beat, beautiful, and I must say you are my favorite gothic/classical band. I love all your works, and art, and I cannot wait to add new works to my collection.
     I cannot wait for Grimm Tales. After Shadow of the Raven came out, we celebrated Edgar A. Poe's death, and went for a walk by candle light. Later on we listened to your music while reading pieces of Poe's work. You have been an inspiration for myself and many people I know.
     I went to Salem Mass. the other day with some friends. We, of course, all dressed up, and bought some of your CD's and Joseph Vargo's signed art book. We listened to your music on the way home, and loved every second of it. Keep up the fantastic work! You guys are amazing! Your devoted fan,
Jacob M., New Gloucester, ME, Oct 16, 2007

You guys are awesome. I'm in the play Frankenstein and we are using your music for it. We're also selling ur cds at the performances. I'm totally buying one. Anyway super cool music!
Little Miss Frankenstien, Oct 15, 2007

I just discovered your music while shopping for new Halloween props. The store staff was cranking Carnival of Lost Souls over the stereo system and I was hooked. I'm a 51 year old nana with varied tastes in music, and literature, art, leaning heavily towards the other realm. Have ordered three other cds and can't wait to delve into the rest... very happy to have found you. Thank you for opening up a new experience for me.
Linda Koutroubas, Sep 24, 2007

Hello Nox Arcana fans,
     I am from Germany and I have 2 passions: Good music in all styles and old creepy films (e. g. the old Hammer productions or even better the really old films with Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, etc.). I also am a big Halloween fan and that is something special for someone in Germany. One day I surfed through the internet in search of good Halloween sites and somehow I came to Nox Arcana. Immediately I was very interested and after listening to some samples I ordered some CDs. When I received them I was delighted. What for an uncanny and beautiful music in a style and concept I wasn't yet familiar with.
     Additionally I have to mention the absolutely fair and honest dealing with the fans. As far as I can see it, it's a very nice and friendly team that runs this project. Right now I have ordered another bunch of CDs, of course including the newest release Shadow of the Raven. I own already Tales of mystery and imagination from the Alan Parsons Project, and I think this is also and wonderful album. So, now I am very curious how Nox Arcana have handled the Edgar Allan Poe subject.
     For now many thanks for your work. Please keep going on with it.
Michael from Germany, Aug 2, 2007

I just wanted to say that the music of Nox Arcana is inspiring. I have been looking for some music to listen to while I write and I have finally found it. Thank you. Your Darklore Manor album provides the perfect atmosphere for the story I am writting. I am eagerly awaiting the Shadow of the Raven. I have always been a fan of Poe and am excited to see how you're music will compliment his writings.
Blane, Jul 30, 2007

Hey! Shadow of the Raven sounds great! I'm pleased to say Nox Arcana is still kicking ass.
Criss Schmidt, Jul, 28, 2007

Hello, again. It's me, the 59 year old grandmother. I have waited impatiently for the Shadow of the Raven CD to be released. I just listened to some samples. How do you do it?! I am totally in awe of your marvelous talents. It's beautiful!!
Avon Leonard, Jul, 28, 2007

I just wanted to tell you that I recently ordered all seven cd's (finally) and the music is awesome. In fact, Blood of the Dragon is insane, what a masterful piece of work. Since I'm a horror writer (Raven's Way) you can be sure that your music will be playing in my ears quite often when I write, because when I listen to your music it inspires me. Keep up the great work and I so look forward to future cd's.
Kerry L. Marzock, Philadelphia, PA, Jul, 28, 2007

Dear Nox Arcana, I have just bought your albums, Darklore Manor and Transylvania and listened to them. And listened to them! I plan to buy EVERYTHING you produce. I'm into Lovecraft and things that go bumb in the night! Your music is PRRFECT! Joseph your artwork is perfect as well! Being an artist myself I know of what I speck sir! I give you two thumbs up, and fourteen tentecles as well as what I think of your music!!!!
Jim Pianfetti, Jul 15, 2007

Many compliments for the beautiful haunted music... and particularly to Joseph Vargo, also for his lovely and mysterious paintings (I have 3 of his posters in my bedroom!). I just love your work, guys! Carry on composing and painting, good work to all!! Regards,
Elena D'Atri, Italy, Jun 15, 2007

Hello Joseph and William,
I just wanted to say a big, roundabout THANK YOU. In the last several months, I've happily stumbled into a little success with my writing. My creative writing thesis, "Souls Unsure" (a dark epic poem about a fallen angel and a voodoo priestess) won the UIS Outstanding Masters Thesis for 2006. Also, my horror novel, Strangeness in the Proportion, won the grand prize in the White Wolf Novel Contest, and will soon be published. And one of my short stories, "Snow, Blood, and Sparrows, " will be published in the anthology, Book of Dead Things.
     Music is very important to my creative process-whether it's during the actual writing, giving my mind a beat to put one word in front of another to, or during the brainstorming sessions, letting me get some mood tunes through my head phones while I'm in a book store, walking through a forest, or a graveyard, or just in my head. I pull my writing soundtracks and playlists from a wide range of sources, but Nox Arcana makes up the bulk of it. So thank you. Thanks for helping to fuel my process, for all of those wondrous, chthonic, dark, dripping, phantasmagoric visions you've painted on the inside of my eyelids. Thank you for haunting my head.
Joshua Alan Doetsch, May 11, 2007

You won't believe this one. I am a 59 year old grandmother, of a fifteen year old girl. I discovered your web site and out of curiosity, listened to the samples. Fell in love right away. Showed your site to my grandaughter. We found the only music we ever agreed on! We are both ordering CDs! Wait until her Mom gets back from her vacation in England. She will be flabbergasted that Lauren and I are lstening to the same music! I am at work listening to the samples as I type. Awesome music!!
A. Leonard, May 3, 2007

I'm just a huge fan of your music. It's really cool that it's not that kind of all... extremely happy classical music. I brought your Necronomicon CD to Performing Arts Class when the teacher had us bring in music. "Cthulhu Rising" is absolutely my favorite piece by you, it's so powerful. Overall, I strongly believe that you guys are a revolution to classical music. Before I listened to Nox Arcana, I hated classical music, but after I listened, it's now my favorite. All of your music is really well-played and constructed. I think the song "Dragon Riders" is the most well put together song by NA. It shows a continuing pattern that has a good background structure and a great amount of dynamics... which is perfect. Anyway, I appreciate your time taken reading this, and keep doing what you do best! Sincerely,
Biggest Fan, Apr 17, 2007

Your Blood of the Dragon album is everything I have expectd and more. Thanks for getting it together. I look forward to your next contribution in this specific genre. I just wanted to express my apprecation and gratitude. Sincerely,
Vince Malatesta, Dec 30, 2006

Blood of the Dragon is simply amazing! I'm a huge fan of epic fantasy, and after hearing the teasers you put on the website I had high expectations, but the final product completely blew me away! From beginning to end, it's like the soundtrack of a movie I long to see, only I doubt any movie could live up to the music! The opening narration sends chills of awe down my spine, and the lyrics, vocals, and music on "Treasure of the Four Crowns" combine to make me feel like I'm in the middle of reading the most amazing novel ever. But again, I doubt any novel could evoke the feelings that this CD does. I've loved every Nox Arcana CD, but this is far and away my favorite. I can't wait to see what you guys come out with next!
Devin, Dec 17, 2006

My sister and I just wanted to say that we think your music is simply amazing.It is so inspiring and mesmorizing. Every song we listen to gives us even moreideas for stories, scenes, or plots for the homemade movies that we make. Youare extremely talented to be able to create such beautiful orchestrations thatcan touch the heart so. Thanks for your time.
Grace and Rachel, Nov 18, 2006

Just wanted to let you know how much I loved Carnival of Lost Souls. Iespecially loved the rock version of "Spellbound." I hope there areplans to include more tracks like that in the future, or entire CDs. I had iton repeat forever after I discovered it. Can't wait to get Blood of Angels and Blood of the Dragon.
Devin, Nov 14, 2006

Please allow me to express my appreciaiton for your albums and your music. I truly enjoy the arrangements and atmosphere created by your choices, your composition and your orchestrations. Perhaps I am also of the dark and intense nature but your music certainly captures the uniqueness of the autumn and winter seasons. The use of some old chant melodies and familiarity with the gothic medieval mentality are both wonderful and enjoyable. I have three of your albums. My favorite is Winter's Knight but the others are wonderful as well. Please maintain your style and ceativity and good luck and best wishes with all future endeavors. I could not listen and enjoy your albums without expressing my appreciaiton personally. Sincerely,
Vince Malatesta, Oct 27, 2006

Received the Carnival of Lost Souls cd yesterday and it has not been offmy stereo all day. Another excellent cd, even I would say one of the best I haveever heard, perfect 10/10. Thank you.
Paul, Oct 20, 2006

Lovecraftian Thanks! I just got Necronomicon in the mail today throughAmazon. I'm completely blown away! I am currently finishing up a huge Call of Cthulhu campaign, and I cant wait to have your music on during play! Thankyou very much for your music!
Bill Barnett, Oct 19, 2006

Hello Nox Arcana, I just finished listening to Darklore Manor and Necronomicon andI am completely blown away. The music is perfectly blended with the lyrics tocreate a distinctive driving intonation. It's creepy yet I feel like a deer caughtin the headlights while listening... I can't stop myself. I don't know if I canread Lovecraft again without thinking of your albums. I also wanted to say theartwork is fantastic. The cover and jacket work took some incredible talent.It's really top notch. Thank you for your music, I can't wait to try Carnival of Lost Souls next.
Steven Wasserman, Aug 27, 2006

I just finished listening to the samples from your new album,and again, I wasblown away!! Music just doesn't get any better than this. Congats to you foranother great success!
Les Adair, Jul 23, 2006

Hey, you are doing some great work.. I love it.. Keep it up. Simply amazing.
Cheers, Insanity's Crescendo, Jun 20, 2006

Thank you for giving us the most wonderful spooky soundtracks!! i've collected all of them! Please continue the great work!! i use them for my radio show and they scare the hell out of people! MUAHHAHA!!
Devilynn, Jun 17, 2006

Brilliantly haunting music. I adore these songs entirely too much.
Kimberly M, Jun 17, 2006

I love you both. MARRY ME... Seriously, the new CD is that good. In particular, After Hours, Calliope, Shadows Fall, Soul Stealer, Haunted Carousel, and Living Dolls. 'Spellbound' is in a class all by itself. That alone was worth the whole CD. I wish you would do a single of that. Love,
Elinor, Jun 16, 2006

My husband and I haven't been able to stop listening to your music since we first discovered's so wonderful. I just can't figure out how only two guys can make such beautiful music! It astounds me, and I think it's wonderful. I'm actually listening to Transylvania right now, and have been all morning. My favorite is still Darklore Manor though...we had that one playing in our living room all night when we transformed our house into a Haunted House for our Halloween party last year. It really set the atmosphere! Anyway, I'm rambling... but I would really love to meet you guys sometime. You make the most beautiful music ever to be heard.
Leah, Jun 15, 2006

Awesome job on the new release Carnival of Lost Souls. Got my copy inthe mail Saturday and can't stop listening to these excellent haunting melodies,my neighbors must think I have gone crazy. My hats of to Joseph and William anotherjob well done.
Dixon Stapleton, Reseda, CA, Jun 12, 2006

To Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski, I am an avid fan of Nox Arcana's music,you guys inspire me alot, especially Mr. Vargo's art as well. Your recent CDof Carnival of Lost Souls made my imagination run wild with ideas, iteventually pieced together for a future picture I am going to work on in my sketchbookand try coloring with pastel and paint or just plain colored pencil. It'll takesome time but it'll be worth it. Good luck with future compositions you two,
Gaeten, Jun 9, 2006

Excellence abounds once again! Nox Arcana always comes through and delivers,though, that's what I've come to expect from you. I admire the way you are ableto convey the theme of each album through your choice of instruments, sound effectsand spoken word. Here, Carnival of Lost Souls, really gives the feel ofan ill-lit midway, wind scattered debris, threatening clouds building in an everdarkening sky, yet you want to venture further into this place. The words fromthe barker sound like a welcome, but they also could be a warning. It is a chillingand magnificent turn through a carnival I'd gladly pay admission for. Though,I believe, the payment would not be my money, but my mortal soul. I couldn'tpick a favorite track, though "Spellbound" version 2 was a welcomesuprise, and showed a different side to Nox Arcana. Once again, you are triumphant.Your output is staggering, your work ethic merciless, and the end result sublime. I wish you guys would take a vacation, rest on your laurels a bit...somehow I'm not sure if you can. My only regret is I did not make the release party. Perhaps the next time. Bravo Gentlemen. Thanks to you for sharing your talent.
Tom Robinson", Jun 8, 2006

I just got Carnival of Lost Souls in the mail today and have just downloaded the tracks on to my computer. Please forgive my New Yorkese but HOLY @&^!.I mean holy f(*&&T^& SH*&&!. I'm listening to it now. I've been in an artistic rut these last few months and this music is just what I needed. I think its your best stuff to date.
Pat Gonzalez, Bronx, NY, Jun 6, 2006

I got home about a half hour ago and needed to write to you. The CD release party was INCREDIBLE!! The music was beyond awesome. You both looked amazing, and Christine,your work with the cards was fabulous!! Your movements were truly convincing and after we talked about the meanings of our cards and where we are in our lives,we all found that they were pretty much dead on. Too bad I didn't have a camera...the decorations were definitely picture worthy. Also, whoever played the roles of the jester and the female vampire, please give them my praise! I'm so glad that I got to go. It was one hell of a night!!!
Angela, Jun 6, 2006

Wow! The Carnival of Lost Souls CD is exceptional. The special effects and vocals were really polished and the tracks really did conjure images of a creepy turn-of-the-century carnival. I was impressed at how well you replicated familiar carnival sounds—the calliope, organ, etc.—and gave them sinister overtones. I've only listened to the CD once, but I think one of the stand-out tracks is "Lost in the Darkness"—the melody was haunting and pretty. "Freaks" was unsettling, and I really liked "Spellbound, " both the phonograph version and the rock track. I hope you guys do some more rock tracks like that—the vocal was very commanding and the melody was catchy. Another great track was "Madame Endora"—the fortune she reads is pretty much my horoscope every day.
     The interweaving of voices, instruments and sound effects was very impressive—I liked how whispering voices would creep into and out of certain tracks and some sound effects would be loud and others very soft. The overall effect reminded me of those elaborate Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtracks for a lot of DVDs in which the sound is a multilayered, three-dimensional mosaic.
     The packaging was very striking as well—I liked the merging of the old-world carnival-type imagery/fonts with gothic horror imagery. You should have done the DVD packaging for Tod Browning's Freaks. Overall, another stellar audio experience.
Joe Iorillo, 05.31.06

D: D: D: D: D: D: I got the new Carnival Of Lost Souls CD today YEAH YEAH!!! I'm listening to it for the very first time right now, and it's only on track 2, but I'm already loving it (I knew I would though). Hey, Mr. Vargo's sportin a goatee, who knew? Looks good!
     Ok I'm several tracks into by now, and I'm still quite impressed. You've managed to change the NA sound again, adapting it to your theme without losing your continuity. Excellent! Lovin it!
     And Oh My Gawd, the rock version is the BOMB! Wow, talk about extending yourselves musically, this is a seriously refreshing new side of NA as well. That's a kickin, lickin guitar! The metalheads will love this little valentine at the end. Big hugs all around.
Alissa, 05.31.06

Your music...
simply put is...
Dark Purrrr-fection.
As you play to my soul.
Eternally, Greywolf's Dark Angel, 05.28.06

Dear Nox Arcana, I just received your Carnival Of Lost Souls CD in the mail yesterday. I have been listening to it since, and it is so great!!! I love all the songs including the song you sing at the end. You all really did an outstanding job with this CD, and I know fans are gonna love it. Also thank you for the free signed poster. I guess I was one of the lucky first 100 people to purchase the CD on your site. I have to get a frame and hang it on my wall. Keep up the great work with your cs, and congratulations on your newest CD, Carnival Of Lost Souls. It's AWSOME!!!Sincerely,
Dennis Carter Jr., 05.27.06

Damn already?!? You guys are awesome workhorses, I swear! And the greatest thing about it is that you put out quality material as well! Unlike the competitors whom take forever between their material and then deliver a sub-par product,even when they rip you guys off. Its ok though because karma is a bitch. Sorry about the mini-rant... I used to be a fan of MS and just chanced upon you guys while looking for something , and once I heard your material I was converted totally! MS cant touch what you guys are accomplishing these days! Keep em coming! Take care!
Chad Jenkins, American IronHorse Motorcycle Company, 05.24.06

Joseph, I'm a huge fan of your work and have all your CDs. My wife, Deb, received the autographed Winters Knight CD from me for Christmas. It's in constant rotation here at the Franklin Ranch. My son, Shane, loves the Vargo t-shirts so much that he's practically worn them out from weekly wear!!!
Virgil Franklin, 04.09.06

Greets from South Africa... I have been a huge fan of your work since discovering your music recently. Your work is true gothic art. Absolute compliments.
Regards, Wurdalak, 04.30.06

You guys are fantastic. Rich atmosphere and pure feel. Really creates the desired mood.
John Kolb, 03.15.06

A mini-review... There stands a carousel shrouded in mist to which children flock,drawn by the haunting music of the Calliope. They sing along to the tune as they ride on the backs of horses with fathomless black eyes and gargoyles giving forth their silent, menacing growls. Round and round they go, the world they once knew becoming nothing more than a memory. The music slowly fades as the ride comes to a halt, and giggling children run to find their next attraction. Welcome,one and all to the Carnival of Lost Souls!
Angela, 03.12.06

I got the things today, couldn't believe it would go so fast!! Everything was in perfect condition also, no harm to package. And... what Great things!!! Really Beautiful!!! I took one of each of Nox Arcana's cds home, and I love the music! Never heard anything like it before. Was "sold" when I heard the samples on your website, and the cds really are quality! I put the stuff out in my shop late this afternoon, and hope that my customers find it as thrilling as I did!
Monika, Sweden, 02.21.06

Hello, I'm new to your music but its great!
Tearjerker, 02.10.06

WOW, after listening to other "dark themed" albums, I never thought there was something better out there, until I first heard your Darklore Manor cd. I now own all of your music and consider it amongst the best of the genre. If darkness could have a soundtrack, it would be Nox Arcana. Thank you for the great music and keep it coming...
A huge fan,
Dan Siciliano, 02.05.06

Keep the music coming you guys are great. Much better than Midnight Syndicate. Can't wait for your next album. I have all four.
Dan Regan, 01.23.06

I've started listening to Winter's Knight. Absolutely lovely. So far, I think my favorites are "Ghosts of Christmas Past, " "Ebonshire, " "First Snow, " "Reflections of Long Ago, " "December Winds" and "Past Time with Good Company." I still have to mull over the whole CD, but I love what you have done.
Elinor Wahl, 01.09.06

I got your Transylvania and Winter's Knight cds from Santa. I've simply got to tell you that both of these cds are FEKKIN FABTASTIK!!
Fozzie, 01.02.06

Cool ass music! Nox Arcana is real as it can be. Your new Nox Arcana sounds so much greater than the old Midnight Syndicate. All those bells, organs, strings,drums and percussions can be felt as well as heard...Ha Ha Ha... I love it. This music just reminded me of some mean ass horror movies. Thanks.
Larry Boyle, 12.28.06

Happy holidays... I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy listening to your work. Darklore Manor actually scared me upon first listen. Transylvania is just as brilliant. You captured the feel and the spirit of Dracula flawlessly. I am listening to Winter's Knight as I write this. I have nearly been moved to tears. I never suspected that gothic music could be this beautiful. There's almost a dark "regalty" to it. I love it. Nox Arcana has shown me the beauty that gothic music can have. Thank you again for creating such beautiful work.
John Rossi, 12.25.05

First of all I must start off by saying how much I like your work. Your artistic ability and your music are both absolutely incredible. I am listening to my newly received Winters Knight cd right now and can't tell you how much I really like it. The booklet accompanying the CD is magnificent. I have had a love of illuminated manuscripts all of my life and the art work in the booklet is perfect. Thank you for doing what you do.
JT, 12.22.05

The All Father sitting on his throne holds up his mug of ale and proclaims you have done it again. Transylvania had me walking the path right to the darkside. I felted like I was walking the path right up to the castle with a group of vampire hunters to make the kill. Well done, as always. Cheers to you and your team, can't wait for the next CD.
Lord Odin, The Allfather, 12.14.05

Oh wow where do I start? I just want to thank you for coming up with the most Intelligent thing in the history of the world. I know this sounds crazy, but for years I wanted music like this. Something to satisfy my soul. Something that I can listen to for inspiration towards my writings. I've searched far and wide and finally my search is over. Thank you a million you are brilliant and keep it coming. I love it all!
Leslie, 12.06.05

Just thought I'd let you know the Winter's Knight cd arrived today, and it is wonderful. Just positively mesmerizing... even better than the sampler hinted at. I am continually awed and thrilled with your art, your music, and the extremely high quality of your products. The gorgeous Yule cards will be for special people, and many of them are eagerly anticipating their arrival. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with all of us! En aeternum,
Bethany Lerie, 11.18.05

Dear, Mr Vargo and Mr Piotrowski,
I thought I would write a brief note. I apologize for waxing poetic, but I want to congratulate you on creating absolutely splendid pieces of musical work. While I am not as big a fan of Gothic music as I am of other genres, I've listened to some... and I decided to give Nox Arcana a try. I just got both Darklore Manor and Transylvania. Both are excellent. They are chilling, yet darkly elegant and beautiful. My experience with Gothic music is limited, but I want to congratulate you both on creating music that not only was the first gothic CDs that literally REALLY scared me, but they are also melodically brilliant and thoroughly captivating. I sincerely applaud you both. Best Regards,
John Rossi, 11.10.05

I now own both Winter's Knight and Transylvania. This is pure relaxation music for the romantic goth's soul! Congratulations at creating such beautifully dark and sophisticated music that offers classical melodies that are so captivating. Both these albums are truly exquisite masterpieces, and you deserve to be called nothing less then "Pure Gothic Royalty." Everything is extraordinarily done, so passionate, so beautiful, so peacefully dark. These two albums of perfection are absolutely essential for every dark romantic goth who loves passionate music. I just love my albums and I would like to say thank you for creating such beautiful music. I can hardly wait to hear your next masterpiece. Sincerely, Midnight Guardian, 11.08.05

I just wanted to tell you guys how much I absolutely LOVE the Necronomicon album,it is simply fantastic.
Doug D, 11.02.05

I received my copy of Transylvania today, and I love it. I listened to it all the way through immediately. I own all the previous Nox Arcana works and enjoy them as well, but I'll have to say Transylvania is my new favorite. Here's to a long and pleasant career. Keep up the good work.
Justin, 10.26.05

I received my copy of Transylvania this morning and have been devouring it all day... Truly excellent work! Congratulations on another Nox Arcana success! I can only imagine with great anticipation the future nightmares you have in store for us. Thank you for sharing your beautifully dark creativity! Your devoted fan,
Mr. Jeffrey Sherrard, 10.24.05

Being a person of the night, who unfortunately has to be out in the daylight,I play your CDs in my car and at home to soothe me. The melodies take me to places that I really would like to be. I longingly await the release of Transylvania. Keep up the beautiful music! I long to hear more from you in the future.
Les Adair, 10.18.05

This near perfection cult-related dark ambient music, Necronomicon takes you away into lost memories. Inspiring as terrifying the sound has an incredible quality of atmospheric emotion. Hail to that what many musicians have as never ending source of inspiration. Best wishes, Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski, for future albums.
NecromanticEvil, 10.15.05

I just want thank you. I am a closet vampyre, as in I have my every day job and it's hard and uncomfortable for me. At night is when I can be me, and your music inspires me and makes me feel so connected with the real me. And I really thank you for keeping me in touch with the beauty of the night. Forever a fan,
Michael, 09.18.05

I just wanted to say that I am utterly pleased with the work of Joseph Vargo. I deeply enjoy anything I can get my hands on from Monolith Graphics. It is an establishment sincerely supportive of the Gothic lifestyle. I just recently obtained the new Nox Arcana CD, Darklore Manor. I was enchanted by it the moment the first track began to play. It's hard to start playing just one track without listening to the whole CD. I just wanted to stress the fact that I am definitely satisfied with Monolith Graphics and all of its workings and hope they continue. Sincerely,
Justin Angel, 09.15.05

I really love your Winter's Knight cd a lot. The songs are really very beautiful, even at the beginning when you tell the story of the Knight. That was pretty. I hadn't had the cd for long but I already latched on to a song, "Coventry Carol." That song is very beautiful, they all are. You did a great job on it. I love the cover of that I only knight standing in the snow. I also like the cards, and the saying that are inside them. I thought I would tell you what I thought of your Winters Knight cd. Your other ones are beautiful as well. Sincerely,
Sarah Erlenbach, 09.13.05

Dear Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski,
I have recently ordered the whole set of your albums and I am glad to say that they have reached Israel at last and... If I owned a hat, I would certainly take it off to you. It all starts in the little details even before putting the CD and listening to it! Like browsing a fine book, the covers and interiors are amazingly interesting, the album art and CD cover have great effort in them. The music is chilling and macabre as promised :) and I must say, this is by far the most impressive band I have ever encountered, by all measures. Keep up the good work and if possible, import some of your works to Israel. Yours truly,
Arik, 09.09.05

I, Odin, give this cd five stars. I am most pleased by Nox Arcana's work. The sounds on this disc are fresh and not the same sounds used over and over again. I can't wait for the next release. Watching from the shadows...
The Allfather Odin, 08.04.05

I'd like to tell you much I LOVE the new album Winter's Knight. Haunting, beautiful, soaring, dark, ethereal. It's perfect. I'm anxiously awaiting the release of Transylvania.
Angela, 08.02.05

Hi There, I just wanted to tell you how much I love this cd. It's 115 degrees out and the humidity is also high and just listening to this cools me off. The whole concept of this album is great, ghostly tales of Christmas have always been a favorite of mine but this takes it to another level for me. The ghostly arrangement of "Veni Veni, Emmanuel" sends chills up my spine. I can visualize standing in a ruined cathedral and hearing these ghostly voices from the past singing. Thanks for this great effort and I can't wait for your next CD. Happy Haunting...
Pamela Chandler, 07.27.05

Greetings... just wanted to say that I can hardly wait for, Winter's Knight,and the upcoming Transylvania has already piqued my interest. The last Midnight Syndicate release was so uninspired sounding, I was tremendously disappointed with it... I think they are needing you and your fabulous artwork for some inspiration!Thanks for keeping the haunting spirit alive.
Dana Paull, 07.22.05

Dear Folks, Just wanted to drop a belated line to let you know what a masterstroke Necronomicon is. It is unfortunate that Hot Topic would deem this opus as "too demonic".That statement does make me chuckle, though. "Dark beauty" would hit closer to the mark, I believe.
     Originally, I was sad to find that Joseph had split from M.S., as I thought they had worked well together. Imagine my joy when I heard the debut from Nox Arcana!
     Darklore Manor possessed all of the lovely,sinister atmosphere that Born and Realm had piqued my interest with. Plus, it wove a compelling tale through it's music, as well as the brief tale which accompanied it in the liner notes.
     Without a doubt, it is fairly simple to see where the talent lay in M.S., as the three albums that followed Mr. Vargo's departure were sorely lacking in direction, were somewhat redundant, as well as hollow. The story is no longer there.
     I eagerly anticipate the release of Winter's Knight, and am I to understand Nox will be taking us all on a journey through the forbidden byways of Transylvania come this Autumn? I say "Bravo" to you, Mr. Vargo. Bravo! A very pleased fan of Nox Arcana,
Tom Robinson, 07.21.05

Hi, I just wanted tell you how much my family and I enjoyed Darklore Manor and Necronomicon. I can't wait to hear Winter's Knight or the newest one you are working on. Sincerely,
Julie McGhee, 07.19.05

I just wanted to say I became a fan of Midnight Syndicate because of you... I thought they were the cool ones. I just wanted to say I laughed my butt off when I went to M. S.'s site recently... they had the audacity to totally blatantly rip you guys off. That's just sad.
     The art and music that you and your team Nox Arcana produces... outstanding to say the least! Keep up the awesome stuff.
Elizabeth Roden, 07.08.05

Greetings to all who embody within, the soul of Nox Arcana,
     I am truly amazed by the talent so passionately displayed within your music. Your portrayal of a dazzling array of Gothic, Classical,Gregorian, and other forms of musical intercourse tease my soul's core. I especially loved listening to "Veni, Veni" and "Past Times With Good Company."
     Similarly, what I have also heard within your new cd, Winter's Knight also fed my thirst for more soul candy. Further, it is my understanding that ye shall soon release a small taste of this wondrous cd. It's my belief that music is the path to both peace and discontent, to rattle one's conscious through luscious melodies in either form, sparks life and passion within!
     I have loved each hauntingly beauteous score both of you (Joseph and William) have released thus far and eagerly look forward to embracing all that you have to offer!
     Likewise, I canst not wait to view the luscious imagery displayed time and again on Nox Arcana's cds both inside and out! The work is extraordinarily and sumptuously displayed and indeed enhances the presentation as well! I especially await the release of Winter's Knight so that I might enjoy this wondrous cd in its entirety! A small taste has left me aching for more. I applaud thee all whom shared in its creation!
     Forevermore I thirst—
     For that which teases the soul unto life—
     That of beauteous musical intercourse!
Adieu for now,
Lady Raven Dark, 06.12.05

Awesome job, I thoroughly enjoyed every dark moment. The ethereal scoundscape you have created is quite the mood setter. Now, I need to order Necronomicon and see what lies in store for me there.
Dixon Stapleton, 02.21.05

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you I just received your new album, and it's AWESOME. I love both albums. Cant wait for more. Thank you, and keep up the great work.
Paine, 01.19.05

I have had the chance to listen and re-listen to Necronomicon, and must say that Vargo and Piotrowski have really outdone themselves this time! Necronomicon can best be described as an audio monument of compositional and technical perfection that is an honor to the memory of the late HP Lovecraft! It is stunningly executed, and leads the listener into an otherworldly realm that is far beyond all ordinary parameters! The stars are indeed right!
Best Regards, Michael Fontes, 01.04.05

Hello. I just recently found out how awesome your music is! My mother bought me Joseph Vargo's "Born of the Night" 2005 Calendar and I love his artwork! I'm very interested and excited about learning more about your band!And Joseph, I'm very interested in learning more about you! You have an amazing talent and as a writer myself, I look forward to reading more of your stories! Keep up the good work! You have given me some awesome inspiration!
Christine Nicole Hutten, 12.30.04

I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how incredibly haunting & melodic this cd is. My wife, Anna, and I are enjoying the Necronomicon cd so much. It is great talent that brings this dark music to us and it sets the atmosphere, always. Thank you for another phenomenal recording. We have listened to it many times. Thank you,
Eric & Anna, 12.14.04

I found your website through a business contact of mine, and listened to some of your pieces. And I must say, yours is some of the most beautiful, inspiring, stirring, and chilling compositions and performances I have ever heard. You are extraordinary artists and I hope to hear more in the future. You have a fan for life, death and rebirth. Sincerely, Michael Sherman, 12.10.04

One word...Incredible. I listen to the music and I view the art and I am taken away from the everyday chaos called reality, for that I thank you.
Raven, 12.04.04

Good eve, I wanted to wish you a good Hallows Eve and simply say that Necronomicon is "tres magnificent." As always, any music you produce is soul stirring and thought provoking. I wish you continued success in all future endeavors.
Angie Pennington, 11.02.04

You are too amazing for words! I can't find the words to say what is embodied in your wonderful music. Throughout the day my head is in a million and one places,yet at night when I listen to Darklore Manor all my thoughts and ideas are melded into one and I can finally relax and concentrate on the beautiful sounds floating around my room. Thank you for that! I can't wait to hear the next cd!
Kali Coughlin, 09.28.04

Darklore Manor is the essence of Goth... Darklore Manor is the absolute essence of the mystery of the night, of those things that we don't want to believe go bump in the night. Darklore Manor gives the scary music atmosphere of a haunted house, yet makes it strangely inviting too... Joseph Vargo is definitely the master of this dark lullaby.
Dana Riebl, 09.27.04

I purchased the Darklore Manor CD and just wanted to let you know how terrific I think it is! From the packaging, to the artwork (always wonderful)to the songs, its wonderful! Words are not my strong point, so its difficult to convey how I feel about the music. All I can say is the songs touch those sublime dark recesses of my soul. Congratulations to all involved in the project!!!Hope the next CD from Nox Arcana will be out soon. Blessed dreams of the dark variety to all.
Adele Palombi, 07.08.04

Amazing website... Amazing music... Give us more! Can't wait to hear your new release!

I am emailing you to let you know that I have received the Darklore Manor cd today. Thank you for the high level of service and also for the great music, that just for some reason cannot be found here in the UK. Take care and have fun.
Patrick Harnett, United Kingdom

Greetings. I love your website—entrancing, darkly delectable and sensually exquisite. Nox Arcana's music proves lush, enchanting, deeply and darkly satisfying. Thank you for producing it. Please subscribe me to your fan newsletter. I am honored.

I mailed in an order for your catalog and CD, and with great delight... I just wanted to send you an email expressing my gratitude for such a prompt delivery and quality items. I'm immensely enjoying what I've ordered and, without a doubt, I shall order from you again in the near future. Again, thank you ever so much and keep up the wonderful work and service!!Kindest regards.
Amanda Hamilton

I am so pleased with the Nox Arcana CD... stunning music! It sounds so beautiful. Now I want a t-shirt.
V.X. Secreriat