Crimson Winter

A vampire prince, haunted by his own dark past, decides the fate of those who have discovered his hidden sanctum.

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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by William Piotrowski
21 tracks.
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Release Date: 10-31-2013

Motion Picture Soundtrack by William Piotrowski

In the frozen heart of winter, a group of researchers sets out to investigate a mysterious decline in the local wildlife population. Their journey takes them deep into the isolated mountain wilderness where they soon discover a terrifying truth and find themselves caught between two deadly foes in a centuries-old battle between vampires and hunters. As they struggle to survive, they come face to face with the vampire prince, Elric, who is haunted by his own dark past. An ancient prophecy and his own anguished heart weigh heavily upon him as the vampire lord decides the fate of those who have discovered his hidden sanctum.
      William Piotrowski's premiere solo project is the darkly captivating score for the vampire film Crimson Winter. Symphonic orchestrations blend with haunting piano melodies, exotic ambient soundscapes and intense aural effects to create a dark and elegant atmosphere.


Crimson Winter 5 Spectacular

Gorgeous melodies and haunting interludes conjure images appearing out of a fog. A timeless and sensitive sou that will make your heart rise and fall.

Crimson Winter 5 Haunting, passionate score

A haunting, wistful, profound, passionate, sensitive, melodic, fluid score! I discovered that Piotrowski is adept at piano. A different pace than the Nox Arcana virtual soundtracks.

Crimson Winter 5 Amazing

They should really do more stuff like this. This is cool.

Crimson Winter 5 Awesome

This album is awesome.

Crimson Winter

Piotrowski's work really shines here. Such a diverse score, with long brooding strings, but also some great guitar work, such on the track "Echoes of the Past", that builds up the emotion of the score. From slow and echoing notes from the piano, to the haunting sounds of the violin, he creates a wonderful score that creates a mood of peace and tranquility, but also a very sad longing as well. This score is one that can be played on a lazy afternoon when you just want some quiet and peaceful music in the background, but knowing there is so much more going on in the depths of the notes here. Simply put, just a beautiful piece of music. Crimson Winter shows the talent and range Piotrowski has and I for one can't wait to see what he does next.