Nox Arcana invites you to return to the enchanted realm of Ebonshire to celebrate the magic and glory of winter with this collection of haunting melodies and heartwarming songs for the holiday season.

Music written and performed by Joseph Vargo
Label: Monolith Graphics. 21 tracks. 74 mins.
UPC: 700261713366. Release Date: 12-07-2018

The Story of Ebonshire

Along a candlelit path through the forest, across the old cobblestone bridge and beyond the ancient cathedral ruins, the village of Ebonshire lies nestled in the heart of the snow-covered woodlands. In this magical haven, memories live on, dreams come alive and kindred spirits await.

Ebonshire is a collection of songs presented to fans of Nox Arcana's winter trilogy: Winter's Knight, Winter's Eve and Winter's Majesty, which are set in the enchanted realm of Ebonshire, where spirits roam the forest and magic fills the air. Each year from 2013 to 2018, a new volume was added to the Ebonshire series. Joseph Vargo explains, "After concluding my winter trilogy in 2012, I was inspired to write several new pieces the following year for the holiday season..." The tradition continued every year until there were enough songs to comprise a full album. New songs for the 2018 release include tracks 1. The Shire Path, 11. Lost In Time, and 21. Journey's End with bonus track.

Release History of Ebonshire
Digital EPs: Vol. 1 (2013), Vol. 2 (2014), Vol. 3 (2015), Vol. 4 (2016), Vol. 5 (2017).
Full-length album CD + 4 new songs (2018).


Ebonshire Beautiful music from Nox Arcana 5

This is the fourth installment of the winter series from Nox Arcana, after the three albums Winters Knight, Winter Majesty and Winters Eve. Listening to these albums putting you in mind of villages in deep woods during the winter, winter ghost and gentle snowfalls. This is a must have to add to your Nox Arcana collection.

Ebonshire Brilliant! 5

Nox Arcana's holiday-themed works are some of the band's most accomplished and haunting pieces, and these tracks are no exception. In particular, "Homeward Bound" is absolutely astonishing - a beautiful, lilting piano melody that I've played more than a dozen times already. Joseph Vargo's composition for this lovely piano work is phenomenal and ranks up there with his finest works, like "The Rose of Winter." You have to hear "Homeward Bound" - it is truly a remarkable Christmas present.

Ebonshire The beautiful sounds of Nox Arcana 5

Joseph Vargo is a genius. I was so excited to see that he plans to continue the beautiful tradition of his stellar winter themes each year. This 3 song treasure is an absolute "must have" for any Nox Arcana fan. Thank you, Joseph!!!

Ebonshire EBONSHIRE 5

Ebonshire is a special winter holiday themed collection of 21 tracks composed by Nox Arcana over the course of the past few years to the most resent. Of which, most of the tracks were previously only made available through digital format. I'm very happy that all of these tracks have been gathered together, along with some newly penned tracks for this special collection and are now finally made available on CD. The CD is filled with beautiful compositions that truly have a feeling you can connect with. Upon listening, you get the sense that you are a part of this magical and wondrous place. The music on this CD is uplifting, and it will bring cheer and joy to all who listen. I highly recommend picking up a copy to enjoy this holiday season!

Ebonshire Beautiful! 5

Beautiful music! This is a must have!.

Ebonshire A Spectacular Holiday Album 5

For the first time, Nox Arcana collects all its wonderful holiday-themed tracks of the last few years into a single magnificent collection that's a perfect accompaniment to any holiday gathering. Although Nox Arcana is most famous for its sinister gothic orchestrations, this collection is a brilliant showcase of Joseph Vargo's more romantic compositions. Just to single out a couple: "Silver Horizon" is one of the most lovely piano melodies you'll ever hear, creating a mood of romantic longing, and "Journey's End" is another haunting piano-dominated song with stirring, classical strings and a melody that's wistful and breathtaking. As a bonus, the CD features Vargo's gorgeous artwork that's reminiscent of classic holiday-themed storybooks. This CD is a must-have.