Celebrate the magic and glory of winter

Return once more to the realm of Ebonshire to celebrate the magic and glory of Winter. In the heart of the Ebonshire forest, the Winter King takes his place upon the crystal throne. With a single breath he transforms the woodlands into an enchanted kingdom of ice and snow. Raising his staff, he summons the four winds and sets them forth to spread his magic throughout the land. And as the earth is covered beneath a blanket of ivory white, the world rejoices in the wondrous realm of winter.
       This album features enchanting melodies and heartwarming songs for the holiday season, including an instrumental version of "We Three Kings" and a ghostly rendition of "Scarborough Fair" with original lyrics and musical arrangements by Joseph Vargo and vocals performed by Jeff Endemann.
       Winter's Majesty concludes the winter-themed trilogy which began with Winter's Knight (2005), followed by Winter's Eve (2009). Joseph Vargo continues to release his haunting holiday music each winter season with Nox Arcana's digital music series entitled Ebonshire.


Winter's Majesty5 The Gothic Victorian Beauty....

Nox Arcana..... You're killing me..... :)

Winter's Majesty5 Marvelous

This is dark, haunting, ambient music with a Medieval and Baroque twist. Nox Arcana's version of "Scarborough Fair" is marvelous.

Winter's Majesty5 Winter's Majesty

Nox Arcana never disappoint! They don't have one bad song on here. Perfect way to round out their winter trilogy!

Winter's Majesty5 Great stuff.

Another great work from Nox Arcana. If you like music, buy this album.

Winter's Majesty5 Gothic Rocks !!

This album is amazing i love it!! Joseph Vargo is amazing!

Winter's Majesty5 Gothic genius

Once again Joseph Vargo shows us his artistic genius in this album. The soundscapes he creates are second to none. This is truly the music of a icy winter night!