The Haunted Symphony

Deep within the haunted halls of Ravenwood Castle, a dark secret has been uncovered—a lost symphony, said to be written by one of the cursed souls that yet lurks within the abandoned keep. Legends say that the music weaves a spell of darkness, opening a gateway to the spirit realm, guiding the restless dead to find their way back into our world. Listen, if you dare, but beware the Ravenwood curse, lest you fall beneath the spell of The Haunted Symphony.

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Music written and performed by Joseph Vargo
Label: Monolith Graphics
21 tracks. 64 mins.
UPC: 859733610419
Release Date: 08-20-2019

Enter Ravenwood Castle where Ghostly Music Echoes from the Shadows

With tracks that range from darkly elegant to sinister and powerful, this haunting concept album relates the tale of Aleister Ravenwood, a tormented musician who embraces the darkness in his own soul. In the solitude of his castle, he heeds ghostly voices and becomes obsessed with creating a sorrowful symphony dedicated to his lost love, Isabelle. The music casts a sinister spell, opening a portal to the past and guiding the restless dead back into the realm of the living. Aleister realizes too late that his masterpiece is a curse to all who hear it. His spirit haunts his castle to ensure that his dark creation remains hidden from the world.


The Haunted Symphony Loving Halloween 5

What is not to like about Halloween? Candy, trick or treaters, spider webs, ghosts and ghouls, family and friends. To take it up you need the music and these albums from Nox Arcana hit the spot. On this album "Darkfall" and "Whispering Shadows" are just a go to when Halloween is in motion. You can not go wrong with these albums and this one is really good.

The Haunted Symphony Perfect for Halloween or reading an Edgar Allan Poe story. 5

The Haunted Symphony is an orchestral journey inside the mind of a tortured composer as he lives out the rest of his isolated life haunted by shadows and long-lost memories. Harpsichords and mournful choruses guide the listener through the more somber and tragic tracks such as "Shattered Reflections", "Velvet Darkness", and "Crimson Tears". The album also contains more ominous and brooding cues featuring pipe organ and low orchestral instruments on "Forsaken" and "Bloodstained Legacy", telling the story of an ancient family curse. 5/5 – a dark and haunting album perfect for Halloween or reading an Edgar Allan Poe story.

The Haunted Symphony Great! 5

I like this cd.

The Haunted Symphony Bewitching 5

Mr. Vargo and Nox Arcana have done it again. I Truly enjoy listening to the newest release, The Haunted Symphony. It is outstandingly bewitching. The music brings out the "Dark Side" of me. So relaxing. I have all of the CDs and await more. I am a big fan and I can't get enough of the music.

The Haunted Symphony Love Nox Arcana!! 5

I love Nox Arcana so much such a huge fan of them and their music! I love The Haunted Symphony it's a beautiful album dark, spooky, emotional, and wonderful! Such an amazing dark album! 5 Stars and 10/10!

The Haunted Symphony Surrender to the dark 5

Nox Arcana's most recent album "Haunted Symphony" is a most beautiful, unearthly composition, with Joseph Vargo taking us on a macabre journey down the ghostly halls of Ravenwood Castle. Accept the sinister invitation and immerse yourself in this bewitching soundtrack. Vargo uses every instrument in the symphonic repertoire to give us what we've come to know and love from Nox Arcana: robust, eerie melodies and an excursion to a disturbing realm of the mind. Highlights include the beautifully rendered "Sins of the Past", the artistic, flawless "Virtuoso", the sinister orchestration of "Desolation", the wonderfully melodic "Shattered Reflections", and the pulse-pounding "Unleashed". Listen, if you dare, to this magical, musical masterpiece and fall under its spell.

The Haunted Symphony They continue to create incredible soundscapes 5

Great work! Great for all year round.

The Haunted Symphony The Haunted Symphony is truly a masterpiece. 5

In my opinion, The Haunted Symphony is one of Joseph Vargo's best works to date. If not the best. There is a tangible aspect to this music. You can actually feel the passion Vargo infused into this masterpiece as he crafted each song. The album cover depicts a skeletal violinist which might convey a first impression of simplicity. The illustrated CD booklet also depicts a solitary pianist (Vargo?) seated at a grand piano lit only by candlelight, again giving the illusion of simplicity. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. This music is complex and demands that the listener pay full attention to the entire performance. Be sure to listen to the album from start to finish without interruption. Pay attention to the layering of the various instruments and vocal effects Vargo employs to achieve a full orchestra symphonic effect. This work would stand on its own if played on any stage, performed by a live symphony orchestra anywhere in the world. The Haunted Symphony is truly a masterpiece. And you don't even need to put on your best formal attire before attending the performance... but you'll want to. BRAVO, ENCORE!

The Haunted Symphony The Haunted Symphony (My Review) 5

The Haunted Symphony, is Nox Arcana's latest release, and is in my opinion, among one of their finest thematic conceptual albums to date. The musical story tells of one of the cursed souls which haunt Ravenwood Castle, who in this side of life, was a troubled composer and musician. And remains forever cursed in his disembodied state in the afterlife. The CD opens with a foreboding narrative track accompanied by an equally foreboding musical arrangement, titled "Curse", which prepares you for the ghastly journey ahead. Enter "Ravenwood", and now your journey begins. This is truly a creepy and haunting welcome piece. I love it! And you will too! Then follows the mesmerizing "Darkfall" a solemn piano driven track with tolling bells. For me, this is one of the standout tracks on the CD. As is "Virtuoso", another piano piece that has to be among one of the very best compositions to have ever come from the mind of Joseph Vargo. And if there ever were to be a "Best Of" Nox Arcana compilation CD set, then I could envision seeing "Virtuoso" being included on the set. This is a spectacular music piece! Then there is "Dark Embrace". Another great track (and another personal favorite) that's commanding and captivating, with its rich sounding orchestral arrangement.

The Haunted Symphony Nox Arcana returns with the brilliant Haunted Symphony 5

Nox Arcana's latest CD is, quite simply, among its best. Joseph Vargo's newest dark musical adventure takes us on a journey into the tragic mind of a musician haunted by the souls of the past, and those souls power his turbulent, unforgettable music. This CD has every variety of music that will satisfy every type of gothic horror fan—from the gentle, spooky music box of "Crimson Tears," to the thunderous strings of "Lords of the Night," to the meditative, melancholic piano of "Darkfall." There are numerous stand-out tracks, but among my favorites are "Virtuoso" and "Sins of the Past." "Virtuoso" is an arresting, inventive piano piece that begins slowly, almost haltingly, as if the musician is merely practicing, then the track builds to a breakneck pace as if the musician is seized with the madness of inspiration, weaving a brilliant classical melody that you will not soon forget. "Sins of the Past," one of Vargo's best compositions, is a rapid piano melody that creates an atmosphere of romantic grandeur and regret while still evoking a bit of sinister darkness. And everyone is bound to love the grand finale track, "Bloodstained Legacy," which is like a majestic gothic anthem dominated by piano and strings. As usual, the CD features Vargo's superb gothic art, creating something like a dark, enchanting storybook chronicling a tale of obsession, passion and horror. Highest recommendation.

The Haunted Symphony Hauntingly beautiful! 5

I have truly enjoyed The Haunted Symphony from start to finish, and find more I like about it every time I listen as it has played non-stop in my car since I received it! The theme is wonderful and I can feel the emotions of the composer as it goes through the musical story. Some of my favorite tracks include "Ravenwood" and "Forsaken" but the harpsichord tracks really create that mood for me on tracks like "Cobwebbed Corridors" and "Phantom Waltz". This CD will be getting alot of play this Halloween season.

The Haunted Symphony A Haunted Symphony for the Season! 5

We have been fans of Nox Arcana from their very first release, and 20 titles later, nothing has changed. They continue to create incredible soundscapes that are perfect for the Halloween season, or if you're like most that are probably reading this, great for all year round!
       With this latest release, The Haunted Symphony, Joseph Vargo has created an eerie and epic journey through this creepy composition. It reminded me of the old LP, The Vampyre at the Harpsicord, released in 1974 by Electric Lemon Records, except Nox Arcana goes way beyond this, creating a much fuller sounding orchestra, with violins, piano, vocals and so much more. Each track creates a certain kind of mood within the listener, either dark and brooding, or just creepy and chilling, it tells the tales of these ghosts that dwell within the music.
       This is something that Nox Arcana excels in so much, telling dark stories within the notes of their music. And which is why I always look forward to their next release, another journey into the unknown.