Phantoms of the High Seas

Set a course for adventure and explore the mysteries of the deep with ghostly melodies, pirate anthems and gothic choirs.

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Music by Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski.
Label: Monolith Graphics
21 tracks. 68 mins.
UPC: 634479876158
Release Date: 10-13-2008

Set a course for high adventure...

Hearken ye pirates and black-hearted sea dogs. Nox Arcana beckons ye to set sail upon the haunted seas where ghost ships prowl the misty dead of night and ancient treasure lies buried far below the endless waves.
      This epic soundscape explores the mysteries of the deep with dynamic orchestrations, ghostly melodies, pirate anthems and gothic choirs. Aye, and legend tells that this CD holds clues to finding the Lost Treasure of the Tempest. (21 tracks. 68 mins.)

Press Reviews

Phantoms of the High Seas

Swashbucklingly Seductive!

Phantoms of the High Seas 5

Pure orchestral magnificence on all levels... very eerie and mystical... this CD is practically flawless. The sound quality of Phantoms of the High Seas is outstanding.

Phantoms of the High Seas 5

Nox Arcana, already proved to be a master of this sub-genre, will lead you on a journey through mysterious world of pirates an dark deep seas. Surely one of the best efforts from Nox Arcana.

Phantoms of the High Seas 5

Nox Arcana's outstanding body of work pushes Gothic music to the outer limits of its genre. No true Goth fan should miss these albums.

Phantoms of the High Seas

Nox Arcana takes us on a musical journey that is one that you'll return to time and time again.

Phantoms of the High Seas

Nox Arcana goes the extra mile to ensure that there’s no doubt as to their inspiration. Phantoms of the High Seas features 21 tracks of remarkable diversity... the clever inclusion of occasional key elements such as cannon bursts, pirate-specific lyrics, and sea-storms nicely directs the ears and imagination to where they should be. Say it with me now... arrgh, Pirates!

Phantoms of the High Seas 5

So beware the whispering wind... A phantom ship appears in the fog, torn sails, cruising eerily through the night underneath the full moon's blue light, as the ghosts of maritime swashbucklers arise from the deep to tell of deadly adventures... Based upon the travels of an accursed vessel named The Tempest, and beginning with an appropriately gruff narration as if spoken by Blackbeard himself, setting the tone for this morbid excursion (complete with the chanting of "Yo-Ho..." in the background), Phantoms of The High Seas is a splendid Gothic translation of Pirate lore, with choirs and sound-effects to richly compliment and accentuate the tenebrous orchestrations. Also featured is a haunting vocal piece entitled "Fate of The Tempest" sung by 'Ty Cook', which recounts the tale. The lavishly decorated booklet is your treasure map to the musickal gems herein, filled with darksome illustrations from the quest which will accompany you along your journey. 'Neath the black banner of the Jolly Roger do we sail for gold and treasures unimagined in splendor. May greed be your guide, and may the cleverest survive to enjoy the booty!

Phantoms of the High Seas Dark Realms

The Halloween season wouldn't be the same without a new release from the kings of the gothic soundscape, Nox Arcana. Their latest cd, Phantoms of the High Seas, is a spellbinding concept album based on legends of ghost ships and pirate lore. A moody intro, appropriately named "Dead Men Tell No Tales," sets the scene for the 20 sinister instrumental pieces that follow, delivering over an hour of music. Tracks like "Pirates," "Crossfire," and "Skull and Crossbones" are full-blooded pirate epics, while "Widow's Harbor," "Black Sails" and "Still Waters" conjure a haunting mood. Guest vocalist Ty Cook lends his voice to the eerie ballad "Fate of the Tempest," telling the tale of a cursed ghost ship that haunts misty night. Soaring choirs, symphonic orchestrations, moody sound effects and ominous chants create one unforgettable anthem after another, capturing the true spirit of the haunted sea. In Nox Arcana's trademark style, the cd booklet is filled with lavish artwork depicting spectral ships, ancient maps and a hidden treasure quest. Fans of Pirates of the Caribbean are sure to love this cd. Highly recommended.

Listener Reviews

Phantoms of the High Seas 5 wow

perfect!!!, just perfect

Phantoms of the High Seas 5 Pirates of the Caribbean

Why was this music NOT incorporated into Pirates of the Caribbean?!?!?

Phantoms of the High Seas 5 It doesn't get any better than this!

I've just discovered Nox Arcana, and I have to say I've already bought every album they have out. Whether it is the dark goth style of Shadow of the Raven and Transylvania or the strangely odd mind's awry theme of Carnival of Lost Souls and Blackthorne Asylum, Nox Arcana delivers every time. Phantoms of the High Seas is another excellent edition to their body of work, and never hits a false note.

Phantoms of the High Seas 5 Best Band Ever

I just got into this band. I have to say that every album they do is amazing. this is very calming music. Keep it up!!!!!!!

Phantoms of the High Seas 5 Why not a bestseller?

For Nox Arcana, one of the best groups out there featuring dark fantasy music, I am surprised this album did not get more publicity, especially for one of their latest. The violins on this album transcend most any on Nox Arcana's others, specifically in "The High Seas," "The Gallows Jig," "Crossfire," and to a lesser extent, "Black Sails" and "Ghost Ship." Also, "Crossfire" even has the clever twist to incorporate cannon blasts into the rhythm, and the choir is equally powerful. Nox Arcana's other albums are exceedingly amazing as well, beyond many fantasy composers that I've listened to, especially Transylvania and Blood of the Dragon. Phantoms of the High Seas is a work of art, at least most of the tracks are, and it incorporates the mystery of the seas with the power of ship and cannon, and if you listen with an open mind, you'll see it can actually be a good accompaniment to the music of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Phantoms of the High Seas 5 Words do not do this album justice

I've been listening to Nox Arcana for a few years now, and I have to say this is by far my favorite album. It so perfectly puts to music the folklore of the high seas. The violin is fantastic. Fate of the Tempest is amazing. The sheer beauty and energy of this album is beyond words.

Phantoms of the High Seas 5 Darkly Beautiful.

This album is truly one of Nox Arcana's best. The sheer simplicity of the songs make it brilliant, and the actual melodies are so mystifying. It's so dark but refined... it sends chills down my spine (especially the last 20 seconds of the song Pirates, track 4.) This album is so good... it will be hard to top.