Fate of the Tempest

Twas many a misty morning past
That the Tempest left Black Raven's Bay—
Setting sail for lands unknown,
Seeking fortune along the way—

All men aboard bid their ladies farewell
As the ship left the harbor astern,
And the Tempest sailed off, out into the mist,
Never to return—

Out in the midst of the ocean's abyss
A furious storm crossed their path
And the ship and its crew all perished beneath
King Neptune's merciless wrath—

So beware the whispering wind
In the misty dead of night,
For the voices ye hear are but ghosts, and I fear,
There's no end to their journey in sight—

So hearken ye pirates and black-hearted dogs,
Lest your fate be the same, or far worse—
For the men who set sail beneath the skull and bones
Are destined to suffer this curse—

But, even though its ancient wreckage surely lies at the bottom of the sea, there are those who swear they have seen the Tempest, out beyond Devil's Reef, sailing through the fog in the dead of night. An unearthly wind fills the ship's tattered sails as the ghostly galleon drifts along beneath the banner of the skull and crossbones, her crew staring at them with lifeless eyes, their hollow voices whispering in the wind as they pass by.

Lyrics written by Joseph Vargo. Vocals performed by Ty Cook. Music by Nox Arcana.